?Raclette??? grill at lidl 9.99 on monday


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there's going to be a raclette :confused: grill at lidl on monday with oil drainage and removable plates. I'm hoping to buy one but I don't know what a raclette is and the picture looks even more confusing. Does anyone have one?
Please help me review before i head down and waste our tight budget.
Amazon.com Product Description
Instead of cooking in the kitchen for friends, spend time cooking together right at the table with this eight-person traditional raclette. The unit's adjustable thermostat knob allows the grill top to either keep appetizers warm on a low setting or by turning up the thermostat, it grills sliced pieces of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Turn the grill over and cook savory or dessert crepes, pancakes, fajitas, quesadillas, grilled-cheese sandwiches, omelets, and more. The reversible grill provides a nonstick surface--ideal low-fat cooking and quick cleanup. In addition, the raclette comes with eight nonstick raclette dishes with handles that stay cool to the touch. Simultaneously cook food on the top grill, while melting flavorful cheeses like gruyere, Emmenthaler, or raclette in the trays below. This special way of tabletop cooking has been around for centuries, and the grilling possibilities are endless. The raclette measures 17-2/3 by 11-1/2 by 8 inches and carries a five-year limited warranty.

Product Description
Get out of the kitchen and spend time with your family and guests by grilling meals right on the main table. The Classic Raclette Party Grill is a fun and easy way to cook for yourself, family or friends. The raclette dishes are great for easy melting flavorful cheeses: gruyere, emmenthaler, raclette, etc. Then pour the melted cheese over vegetables or potatoes for a wonderful European-style raclette dinner. The adjustable thermostat knob allows the grill top to either keep appetizers warm on a low setting or turn up the thermostat and grill sliced meats, vegetables, fish, or chicken. Turn the grill over and cook savory or dessert crepes, pancakes, fajitas, quesadillas, easy grilled cheese sandwiches or omelets. Reversible grill is non-stick, provides ideal low fat cooking and easy clean up. TIP: Do not use cooking sprays on grill top or on raclette dishes. Apply very small amount of low fat cooking oils (olive oil, canola oil) by using a brush onto grill top or raclette dishes.

Source: Amazon.com: Swissmar KF-77043 8-Person Classic Raclette Party Grill, Red Enamel: Kitchen & Housewares

I don't have one, but I hope the above information helps!

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We've got one of these in Spain, and they are just BRILLIANT!!! We have cooked at the table indoors, and had many a cooked breakfast outside with it. Children just LOVE to do the sausages. I haven't seen one here before and will definitely get one if I can. Better than a BBQ in the summer without the fuss IMO. Thanks for posting on here about it.
i got invited to someone's house many years ago for one of these - they were going on about how fab it was but to be honest i felt sick after two!!!
Raclette is nice but very fattening, all that melted cheese. I've thought about buying one, and the pierade set they'll be having at the same time, but I just don't have room for more kitchen gadgets that I use once in a blue moon.
With CJ on this one - good, but very very fattening!

You'd be better off with a George Forman grill or a normal griddle pan (and you can get the latter for under a tenner!)
I wasn't planning on cheese. I just thot we could poach eggs or something.

DH now wants a nuwave infrared thingy coz he thinks it does everything and is easy for ME to clean.
I've got 2 raclettes and they are fantastic... you can eat very healthily from them if you choose to... you don't have to do melted cheese at all... I have cooked omlettes on them, diced meats, eggs, mushrooms, king prawns... it's a matter of choice. You don't have to use butter - you can use a spray oil... they are non-stick trays anyway.. I will be down at my local lidl on Monday to buy another one to give as a prezzie!! Thanks for the heads up on this!!! They are excellent things! I will try and get mine out and take pics for you.. but I'm an ardent admirer of them and have fab memories of friends coming over for dinner and being amazed at the raclette! Deffo a good thing :D
oooh! I am definitely getting one then. They're supposed to be removable with teflon coated plates so i might get away with oil free ccoking. Hopefully the it will help with portion control.
Raclette grills are great and not necessarily fattening. It depends what you do with them. The original raclette recipe does use cheese of course, so you need to balance with plenty of no fat potatoes and vegies.

Under 10 is an absolute steal, buy two and give one away for xmas. Of course at that price don't expect high quality, but as an intro into this great way of eating, entertaining and dining... And to learn more about raclette look here: Raclette Australia has oodles of info hidden away on their site.

Do't know if this image will show up (also from the site above), but...

This is a raclette grill in full action...

Love it :)
Okay, I now had a good look at the Lidl raclette grill and came to the conclusion that I'll buy a few. Not for myself, but to resell on some well known online auction site.

There have been some raclette grills around on that site which sold for obscene amounts of money compared to this one which actually is - unlike my first assumption - of pretty high quality as it looks like...

Ah, some extra xmas funds to spend after these are sold :D You little capitalist you...