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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting - Diaries' started by RaineyJane, 27 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. RaineyJane

    RaineyJane Member

    Hi guys. New to the forum. Seems great tho. Gona make a list of my intake here most days to see how im getting on.

    Nice to be joining you!

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  3. Dee148

    Dee148 Member

    Hi I joined very recently too , I don't go to a group I just buy the magazine , hope it's enough to loose the 2 stone I want too ?
  4. RaineyJane

    RaineyJane Member

    Hi dee! Im sure it will be. I had two stone off this time last year n just did it through sensible eating.

    Good luck n letme know how you are getting on.xo
  5. Dee148

    Dee148 Member

    Thanks Rainey Jane oxox
  6. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Good luck! :)
  7. RaineyJane

    RaineyJane Member

    Thanks bostick! xo
  8. RaineyJane

    RaineyJane Member

    Well todays gone ok yay!
    I had,
    toast for breakfast - 250cal
    sandwich for lunch - 500cal
    chicken and homemade chips 800cal
    hot choc - 60
    apple - 60
    2 glasses of milk. 200

    Total about 1900cal

    As long as I stay under 2000 for the meantime im happy!

  9. LittleSis

    LittleSis Silver Member

    Good start... Don't forget to log your exercise..

    Have you joined My Fitness Pal??
  10. Sazbirl

    Sazbirl Gold Member

    Hi I'm Sarah, well done on your good food day your menu sounds lovely, good luck :) xx
  11. RaineyJane

    RaineyJane Member

    Hi sarah! Nice to meet you. Lol unfort I have no real exercise as such to log at the minute!! Have heard so much abt my fitness pal. Def have to join!

  12. RaineyJane

    RaineyJane Member

    Log for today
    2 glasses milk - 200
    beans on toast 300
    apple - 100
    youghurt - 100
    chicken - 200
    pasta - 300
    highlights - 40
    cups of tea - 100

    Total about 1300. Mgt have a snack before bed tho of another yoghurt or something. Happy with today tho. Starting to associate that horrible hunger feeling as something positive lol.


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