*raises hand* umm,i have a question


hello everyone,i have decided to go on the cd and have contacted a cdc and im waiting to hear back from her,i was just wondering what the counselling involves?is it loads of questions or just general how im getting on etc?also.i know people have probably asked these questions before but how easy is it(i realise its not going to be a walk in the park)but my willpower is practically zero and im concerned i wont see any results. my cousin is getting married in september and i just dont want to be the fat relative sat in the corner. sorry for rambling:eek:
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Well done on contacting a CD!!

Well the 'counselling' is not really counselling, although they are called counsellers, the CDCs mostly seem to be there to distribute the product and give advice and motivation where you need it. Some CDCs may offer counselling, but it is at their discretion. I think there are some CDCs who also run life coaching etc, so if you find one of them that will probably spill over into your sessions if that makes any sense.

If it is counselling about your food issues you are after, you may be better of with LL, the cost of CD covers the product and advice not counselling as such.


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Oh, and it is not easy the first while, but you need to weigh up how much you want it. Once you get into ketosis and the CD becomes a habit it does get easier, but you need to keep at it. Dont break it for social events etc, as it just makes it near impossible to get back to the diet.

You will see results within days. Once you get into ketosis, you will feel great and should have lots of energy as well. The weight will come off quickly, different rates for different people, but averaging about a stone a month.

You will have good days and bad days, but its so worth it! I am about half way through my journey now and took a break at Christmas, but havent quite managed to get back on track yet. I still feel great mot of the time and it is an amazing feeling getting down thru the stones and having no clothes that fit bacause they are all too big rather than too small!!

Best of luck hun and let us know if you need any other info


When I started, I just expected it be hell and thought if it's better then that's a bonus!! Luckily for me, I didn't suffer at all, but most people do - you just have to try your hardest to push through that as once you get to the other side it will be much better.

And you will definitely see results, that's one thing you don't have to worry about!!

Good luck, and if you need any help, then just keep coming back here as it's a great place for support and advice and to stop you from straying!!


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Good luck. Hope that you decide to have a go with CD after you speak to your cdc, if you do you wont look back and youll be that stunning relative at that the wedding. If you can try and cut back on carbs and up the water intake before you start, if you do the 1st week should be easier.


My CDC is available for advice. I considered LL but went for CD because I can arrange my own style of counselling if I think I need it, rather than pay an exta £33 a week to go to a group session with LL.
I do think you'll find CD pretty tough without motivation though! I'd advise you to really think about why you want to do this - make a list! You are probably more motivated than you think you are ... just a bit apprehensive.
Good luck - let us know how you get on.


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Hi catlily, In the beginning its hard but the losses spur you on. TBH after a while you do it as second nature, getiing through the firstw eek is the hardest once you've done that you'll be fine. Lots of my friends said to me "Dont know how you cant eat anything,I could never do that" but now they've seen me gettting smaller they're all doing it! and we've all gone to ww and sw and failed dismally! So go for it you can do it.
Nikki x


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Buy a diary and write in it each time you have different feelings. It can often take the time away when you want to eat and writing down a little loss every day is very motivating. I even write what I am wearing and how it feels on me then a few days later at a lower weight I wear it again and write about it again-a bit silly but it has helped me to stick to it and looking back makes interesting reading!


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thanks everyone,i really appreciate all your comments.im sure i will be back again with more daft questions! :)

No questions are daft on here, and thats a promise!!!!!:D

Ask away x


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Hey, once you get week 1 out of the way, you will wonder why you were ever worried! Now on week 6 and I have not cheated once! It get easier and easier. Just drink plenty of the clear stuff, when you are hungry grab a glass of water and you will find that the time and weight will drift away! You go get that slim body! We are all behind you, infront of you, above, below and by your side! We will all give you support, advice and help. Just get on here when you need us and we will help you fight! You have done the best thing starting CD and getting on here, good luck to you and post your first WI here, so we can gee you on x x x x x x x x x x x:)


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Hi i found it like any diet, strange at first because you are not actually eatting any hard food, but now i am in week 4 and i have found the last 2 weeks very very easy. I am never hungry and i have loads more energy. I think as long as long as you dont cheat you will find it very easy.


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wow i wish i had it as easy as all of you make it out to be .... my cravings drive me mad and i admit iv maybe leaped off the wagon a few times n the water o how i hate it but i know i must so i try....the only thing that keeps me goin is the fact that i no if i even loose just one pound in a week its still goin in the right direction and im gettin closer to that elusive target weight!!!
Catlily keep at it ... n dnt give in like i did ... the results are well worth it...especially when everyone else notices them :)!!