Rallya's Weight Loss with the Cambridge Diet :)


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Hi all

I have just signed up to this site today and I find it much much better than the Home and Health site. I started the Cambridge Diet 5 days ago on the 28 September and I also started a Diary on the Home and Health site on the same day. I have decided to move the diary to this site instead as I do like it better and read it more, so below is a copy of my first posts to bring me up to date :p PS. I signed up as AnnC on the previous site.

Day 1 - 28 September 2006
I am 37 years old, 5' 6" tall and weigh 21 stone. At my heaviest I was 24 stone but went down to 18 st 13 lbs with Slimfast, and have since put a bit of the weight back on again. I am really determined that CD will work for me, and so far I feel good...even though it is only the first day :)

Have had 2 of the shakes today: Toffee and Walnut (absolutely gorgeous) and Chocolate Mint (yummy) and a Chicken and Mushroom Soup. I have also just finished my 4th pint of water, which I must admit I am struggling with drinking on its own. I got some of the orange water mix off my CDC but am leaving that as a last resort, will see how drinking water goes for now.

I have weighed myself on my old battered scales and I weigh 21 stone, want to get down to 10 stone so 11 stone to lose eek! Will go into Boots next week to get a more accurate reading.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on a bit. Glad I found CD and this forum, take care all.

Ann C

PS. Sorry to be crude, but I've pee'd more today than I usually do in a whole week it feels like ROFL

Day 2
I woke up feeling great, have had 2 shakes and a soup today and I dont feel hungry at all and havent had any of the side effects my CDC mentioned I might experience! I really do feel this diet is going to work and I am so happy :)

I keep expecting to feel weak and dizzy like I have on other diets before but its not happening. Hope it stays this way, no cravings either so thats good. Looking forward to being able to eat the CD bars next week as at least I will get a chocolate fix, but strangely I'm not missing chocolate which is unusual for me.

Hope this continues like the last 2 days!!!

Day 5 of this diet and still feeling good. I weighed myself this morning as I couldnt wait any longer and I have lost....1 stone!!! wow I am so amazed and happy!!

Had the fruit of the forrest and vanilla shakes today both of which were scrummie, also had the mushroom soup which I didnt like, wont be getting anymore of them :p Been keeping up with my water intake and its getting easier to drink plain water, though I cant wait until Thursday when I can drink the water flavourings :)

I went to see my parents last night and they were eating fish and chips, the smell almost got to me but I didnt succumb to the temptation and had nothing. In the 5 days of doing this diet that was the hardest time, but am so pleased with myself that I resisted and stuck with water.

Emailed my CDC tonight with my order for Wednesday when I see her next, also ordered a tub of the mix-a-mousse so looking forward to trying something different. Will also be getting the chocolate bars for the first time, so something to look forward to...how sad am I? :eek:

To date the only packs I havent liked are the butterscotch shake and the spicy tomatoe and mushroom soups, all a little too sickly for me but everthing else I have really enjoyed. My favourite is the toffee and walnut shake, definately an experience worth repeating :D

Anyway, I've rambled on a bit so will bid you all good night until next time :)

Ann C xxx
Thanks guys :)

Day 6 today and I went to my mums again as I needed to do some shopping for household stuff and my mum wanted to come with me. Went to Tesco's and got what I needed, walked past the bakery and the smell was heaven, surprisingly enough though I wasnt tempted at all.

After shopping I took my mum home and sat and had a peppermint tea I had bought at Tesco's. Just added hot water as I had left my tablet sweetners at home but it was fine without. Very...um...minty :) Made my mouth feel much much better as I have dragon breath at the moment with the diet (according to my mum...I did invest in some Gold Spot mouth freshener too).

Anyway, I was sat there drinking my tea and mum walks in with 2 buttered cheese scones and sits down and starts to eat them...not that I expect anyone. especially my family, to stop eating in my presense but those cheese scones had my name written all over them and it was torture....my mouth is watering now just thinking about them. But...I resisted YAY!!! Have stuck to the diet religiously and am determined to see it through.

I even watched Ready Steady Cook on TV with no problems, I think its the smells that get to me most of the time. After that I came home and made myself a shake and 2 hours later had an oriental chilli soup...these are very tasty by the way, I can definately recommend them.

Still peeing for Britain but its not as bad as it was the first 2 days so I guess I'm getting used to it...going through a mountain of toilet roll, but thats another story :p

Seeing my CDC tomorrow and shes bringing me my food for another week, includes the bars and a tub of mix-a-mousse so hopefully I can have some choccy angel delight type meal for my tea :D

Going to bed now as I am feeling the cold tonight, going to get some thermals I think when I next get paid...wish I'd started this diet in the summer!

Ann C xx