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Random question ... kitchens

Yep I have a black sink.

Been in 12 months and still looks lovely.

Hasn't scratched or marked or anything.

Ours is a granite effect (couldn't afford granite!) from B&Q and has survived it's first year in tact.

Ooo I was just going to ask where you got yours from Ice and then I saw your reply further down!

Do you live in a hard or soft water area? I think that makes a difference to whether it will water stain or not.

Thanks for answering .. I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible!

Mandana x
We are medium water I would say but no limescales marks etc as yet

Great taste Mandana!
We have the exact same sink:D
Had it for about 18 months and it is wearing well.
We've got a granite effect black worktop with a slight speckle to it, so it blends in perfectly.
Oh Boobyjood, so glad you saw this post - I've been trying to find someone who has the same sink to give a warts n all account for it!

I've been told that black sinks show water stains in hard-water areas (which we are in), but I'm sure with the right products and frequent cleaning, it will be fine.

We're having a granite worktop too - not black though, but lots of black in it, so it will go well with the sink.

Anything I should know about it? I know it's 'just' a sink - but it's not the norm, and don't want to spend the money on it and the worktop and soon after have regrets!

Mandana x
We're in a hard water area too, the only place there's any limescale is around the edges under the stainless steel drainer thingy in the middle bit, but it wipes away easily.

The sink is often a talking piece and has been admired by many;) I did loads of research before finally plumping for this one, no regrets at all:)

My only regret is not being able to afford the granite worktops, but it still looks good. What colour are your units and flooring?

We have contemporary looking ivory units and slate effect Karndean flooring.

I loved shopping around but took forever to make decisions:eek:

We're not having solid granite either as our kitchen doesn't need replacing, but the worktops do.

We're going for a granite/polymer top which is made to measure over our existing surface.

Granite Transformations UK - Granite worktops to resurface your existing worktop - our granite products are heat, scratch and stain resistant. Easy to install with no mess! We are kitchen, bathroom and commercial makeover specialists providing revolu explain it far better than I do!

Our kitchen is limed oak, our appliances will be black (oven, microwave & hob) and the work top is the Tropico on that website.

Really hope it all looks ok - no way of knowing until it's finished, and if it doesn't, it's too bloody late!!

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