Randomly putting weight on!!!

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    Hi, i feel really down and moody today. I know you shouldn't weigh yourself every day, for this reason.. but i have managed to put on over 3lbs since yesterday.. i try really hard on my diet, and everyone around me says i must be eating more than i am declaring, which im not. (what would be the point, its not like if i dont say i wont have eaten the calories! lol)..

    I just find is so frustrating that i put so much effort into watching what i eat and drink, and still im lucky if i loose 1lb a week!!!.:cry:
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    I think it's pretty much impossible to put on 3lbs overnight, you'd have to overeat by 10500 calories to do it. Unless you have just taken part in a pie-eating contest, there's another explanation!

    I put on 3lbs two days before TOTM last month, so that's a likely one. Also if you needed to go to the toilet. Or if it was a different time of day from when you weighed yourself yesterday. Or your scales are broken!
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    You cant put on 3lbs, not really, itll be down to the time of day you weighed yourself, or water retention.

    DO try and keep off the scales, daily weigh ins can be a really bad idea, for the very reason youre finding out now :(
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    Don't get down about it, it could be for loads of reasons, it won't actually be weight as in fat that you have put on. Its probably water, time of month, time of day, different clothes your wearing etc etc.

    Like the others have said don't weigh yourself everyday, its a real bad thing to do, just carry on with your dieting and exercise and the pounds and inches will come off. Things can take time to get moving, I lose my weight really slowly too and it does get annoying, but hang on in there, you will get there!
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    Don't diet anymore!
    Weight does fluctuate hugely if you monitor it by the hour or day, even weekly is not that accurate.

    The best is to weigh every few days/week but look at the monthly overall losses to see how well you are doing.

    Work out your basal rate on the internet and as long as you are eating less calories than that then you really can't fail to reduce your weight.

    I have seen thousands of clients now over the past 3 years and have still never met one that didn't reduce weight if they ate less than the amount of calories there body needed to maintain.

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