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Ransch signing in


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Having read some of the other diaries, I think it's a great idea to write something every day. So here I go. I've just had some fried garlic mushrooms with scrambled eggs and bacon which was delish but I'm on day 8 and craving sweet stuff really bad. Think I'm gonna try some cream, phili and sweetner in a mo.:D

Energy is a problem, I'm so tired and get dizzy rather quickly. Drinking enough water is really hard as is changing the habits of a lifetime by eating more fat! It's also making me think about what I'm feeding my 10 year old daughter who lives off juice, fruit and bread. Hmmm. :(
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Welcome to your diary Ransch - it's really interesting to put down everything you're eating and how you're feeling.

I have to say I didn't experience the rush of energy that the others say they got, and I did have dizziness about week 2. I made a real effort to drink more water which helped, and the minimum now is 2 litres of water (not counting coffee or anything else) - no secret to it, you just keep sipping - don't wait until you're thirsty :)


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Thanks for the comments guys. I never realised how difficult it is to stick to a diet. It not only affects your body but is a total mind game as well. I KNOW I want to lose weight and be a comfortable size 14 again, I KNOW why- more energy, more self confidence, more shopping, more health but I seem to be experiencing blackouts where I forget everything except the bottle of wine sitting in front of me or that ice-cream in the freezer.

This is so hard. I didn't reckon anticipate the mental side of things (believe it or not I've never dieted before, just afew days of Dukan then a switch to Atkins). It's actually easier to be at work where I don't think about food or drink, home is murder as I know we have a well stocked wine cellar and freezer.

Why am I so down? I'm an optimistic- usually. Total respect to anyone and everyone who has ever succeeded in losing weight!!!
Hi Ransch.. and well done on starting Atkins, joining this group and keeping a diary!.. GO YOU!.. You're already on your way there.

I know exactly how you feel with regards to feeling pessimistic.. you just need to take a look at my diary and you'll see what I mean.. I actually disappeared for a few weeks because my head wasn't ready yet.. I was still reaching for bad stuff and trying to justify it.. You know what you want and you know what to do.. it's a matter of taking it meal by meal.. minute by minute..

You're only as healthy as your next choice!!... so when something tempting is in your way and you flatly refuse it..think about how you'll feel tomorrow morning when you wake up and realise.. "wahoo another day crossed off!'.... that's how I'm tackling it.. one day at a time!..

Keep up the diary!.. it really does help!


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Hi ransch- a diary is a great plan. Hope you find it helps - it does me;)

Ref daughters - i also worry since DD lives on bread, pasta, sweets, cakes, biscuits.....since DH and I went on atkins i have managed to persuade her to at least eat a little bit of cheese and meat so that's one teeny step forward


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Here I am again on day 13 feeling quite cheerful actually. I'm eating a lot less now and finding it difficult to stick to three meals a day. Oopsie rolls taste disgusting by themselves but when used as bread in a sandwich with salami, cucumber and cheese and with a little imagination, it could be bread :)

Have to make some more of them. I still haven't tried the MiMs, I don't have a microwave. Shame really. Sweet craving has subsided for now but can't face chicken anymore :p


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Mims can be baked in oven no probs. We also make flax bread sometimes which is lovely;) see flax sticky for recipe


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Stick to it, hun, a lot of the way you're feeling is down to radically changing your food intake!

One day at a time - and if you fall off the wagon (as I do regularly, I have the bruises to prove it lol), make a mental note about what caused it and move on, drinking loads of water as you go :)

Make sure you have lots of legal stuff ready to snack on, and when you have a craving for something carby, tell uu, there's often a low carb alternative that can help, eg low carb tortillas instead of bread, chocolate Mims instead of cake, etc :)


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Hi you! Just seen the weigh in thread and it looks as if you have stalled. If you could put in your diary exactly what you are eating then we'll try and help. Don't give up. Try going clean and green for a few days to kick start it all off.
I have managed to convince my nephews that they don't need all the carbs they used to eat and they've ended up thanking me for it. Two have lost weight and they all have loads more energy.


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Oh Leanne, totally f*****d up today. Feeling so disappointed with myself!


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Thank you Leanne. I've written before that this diet is affecting me mentally although not physically (yet).

It's funny how I'm thinking more about my childhood and family. I was (and still am) the odd one out. One of four sisters, the only one who's overweight and the only one who doesn't have a PhD. So, the thick one. :eek:

I've always felt inferior with three gorgeous sisters and a very attractive, clever mother to boot and turned to food as my comforter. The more down I was, the more I ate. My sisters friends would come round and play sports or go shopping, my friends would come round and we would eat!

I never tried dieting before as I always thought I wouldn't succeed and this morning looking down at those scales just seemed to bring that home. Put me back in my place so to say! :(

Now I'm in Germany living with a great man and we have a super daughter. My sisters are all divorced as they chose their careers over their marriages and have kids who never knew their mothers. I think I'm in the better position and would so like to lose weight to prove to myself that I'm not second best.

Rant over.


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Hi Leanne, yep apart from a very sore head, I'm back on track, eggs and bacon on the menu me thinks :D

Thanks so much for the personal message. It means a lot as does all your support.

Head's too sore to write anymore, I'll be back...:cool:


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No sore head here but bacon and eggs were lovely - get stuck in :)

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