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Hmmm sorry to hear about your rash. I cannot comment being I know nothing of the plan you are on... Here's hoping the rash goes away though.. Best of luck in reaching your goal and try not to scratch it is the only advice I can give.


weighs a lot less
david i too am experincing a flare up i usually only get it on my hand but its now on my arms as well i asked the chemist(or mr muscle as i like to call him)and he said just use the usual cream i use fucibet although i havent that much faith in him maybe a trip to the doctors us in order
Hi David,

I have had terrible skin problems since starting lipotrim. No one else seems to have these complaints, think its just me, which makes me a little worried.

Initially I thought my skin was just simply 'detoxing' with all the water intake, but nearly 7 weeks in to the diet my skin is still pretty bad.

I have broke out in spots where I have never even had spots before - on my lower back. I have some sort of rash on my arms. And I keep getting proper teenage large spots on my chin, fore head and nose. Its really upseting as normally my skin is clear. They are very painful and red and can take a week to calm down.

Tried a few different creams with no luck, will be seeing the doc this week :(
I have a rash on my belly! Didnt think it was because of this diet, but i guess it could be!!

lol, so the list of ailments are as follows:

Bad Breath
Funny Teeth
Dry Skin
Dry Lips
Cold Hand, cold feet
Hair issues (i havent had this)

Cant think of anymore..... funny how the list gets longer and longer but none of us want to give up :) So what if i look like a walking scab, at least i'm thin :p He he
Lizzie B, a walking scab, oh my goodness I literally laughed out loud. Sorry you have all of these ailments. Can I ask what kind of diet it is, hmmm I am clueless?
im finding that my skin is actually VERY dry and a bit scaly. Im using lots of moisturizer and still.... Anyway like LizzieB said Id rather cope with this than be fat forever!!! LOL!!! Go Lipotrim!!!
I once had a rash:p
I have noticed my skin is really really dry especially my hands and legs!! I feel like the fly!!!! lol x
I have noticed my skin is really really dry especially my hands and legs!! I feel like the fly!!!! lol x
I left my fly alone and the rash went:D
Lol tut tut x
I've just finished a nursing placement on a Dermatology ward which deals with eczema and psoriasis, and apparently, any kind of stress can cause any skin complaint you have flare up. See your GPs that's the best bet, and use lots and lots of emollients. Hope this helps.
Fattothin, great picture of the soup dragon; takes me back, aaaahhhh

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