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Hi All,
I'm on lipotrim for the second time now. Lost 16lbs in total the first time over three weeks which is why I am back on it again. I'm at my heaviest (12st 4lbs) and none of my clothes fit me which is really depressing but I am refusing to go into a bigger size. Started LT last saturday but ended up on a night out unexpectedly and gave in to the alcohol which meant that Sunday was lost because I just needed food to get thru the hangover...started again on Monday but was invited to a BBQ...soooo...off the LT again!! Went back on it today and am determined to stick to it but I just feel like I can't have a social life with it. Does anyone else feel like this? Any suggestions on how to get over it without being a recluse?.

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I timed my LT journey so I had less social events although they are not non-existent!!!

I waited until the end of exams and Uni was over for the year, so that was one less pressure. I am a youth leader and every Friday the leaders get together for drinks and a game of cards. We break for the summer so I only had to endure one Friday card night 'drink free'!! My OH and I used to go to the pub every Saturday, I went once had 2 glasses of wine, felt awful. Dont try this, its blinking awful, my 2 glasses were mixed with 750ml of sparkling water and I had a hangover from hell. I now do the driving, well I did before my op last week! I have a reunion on the 4th July and meeting with friends I havent seen in 7 years on 3rd July.... as I am going on hols on 20th July I am hoping my motivation to be slim enough for a bikini will remain with me during the 5 days I will be in the UK.

I agree with what lots of the guys on here have said, your head really needs to be in the right place to do this...

Good Luck, just look at some of the great weigh losses and that should spur you on..
It does impact but if you really wanna do it sacrafices have to be made

I know i missed my nieces birthday meal to do this but it had to be done, i said i would treat her when im done with this

anyway ebst of lucka nd stay positive and dont give in


I *will* be skinny again!
You need to be in the right frame of mind in order to do this diet, otherwise you'll keep slipping. The more you "cheat" the harder it will be.

You don't need to have drinks or food on a night out just to have fun. If you're going down to the pub you can sip on water or soda water all night. At first it was hard (I used to be a big drinker), but once you find your willpower....it's sooo much easier!

Just think....food & drink will always be there after you finish the diet! Good luck! :D
You maybe have to question if total food replacement is for you, if you don't actually WANT to give up eating and alcohol at all your socialising.

I've not compromised my socialising at all, i just don't drink on boozy nights out and i don't eat at dinners. After the first couple of times nobody really notices or questions it - they know i'm doing it because I want to lose weight and they respect that.

The sooner you start socialising on LT the quicker you will get used to it and it will become less of an issue for you. And think of the money you save by not drinking!!