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Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

Just wanted to talk about re-feeding if thats ok? I have been re-feeding since Friday as I am going away for a nice long weekend on Saturday. I have followed the re-feed plan almost exactly (missed out 1 chicken breast by mistake :eek:). I am getting weighed on Friday as usual before I go away and just wondered if I should be expecting to lose any weight?
I have lost 2 stone 1.5lb in 6 weeks and am now worried that I will put some back on this week.:sigh: I know that I will probably put a little bit on while I am away, although I will be trying my hardest to eat as healthily as possible. I will be straight back on to the 3 shakes a day when I get back, so should shift anything gained quite quickly hopefully?

What do you think? I'm hoping for a small loss this week just to make the overall loss a little bit more before I go away. Am I right to hope for this or will I be disappointed?

Sorry for going on!


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Hi Lairy i really wish i knew more about refeeding but i don't im afraid although im very interested! Its something that worries us all, but im sure that if you follow the plan correctly i don;t see why you should gain too much if any. I think you should keep us all updated, we can probably all learn a lot from your experience with this. I read somewhere that during refeed if you gain weight you can introduce 1 shake back in per day and then re weigh etc until you find a place that you are stabilised at. That sounds good to me if it makes sense xxx
Thanks Tracy.

I am having a shake for breakfast, a wholemeal pitta with WW ham and a tiny blob of very light mayonaise, salad and some fruit for lunch and then WW spag bol or chicken, potato and salad/veg for dinner. Surely I can't put much weight on eating that?! Fingers crossed!

I'll be sure to keep you all updated and then everyone else can learn from my experience (good or bad!)
That sounds pretty good to me, maybe check the amount of calories you are having and then try to find out how many you should be having for your weight. Sounds very healthy to me hun.

Good luck. Look forward to you letting us know xx
what is re-feed and where can I see it written down i.e. types of food, and how long are you on it?
I agree with Tracy - sounds like you are doing everything right. If you have followed the refeeding advice you should be ok. Hope you have a great time when you are away :)
Thanks Daisy! Off to Amsterdam, so should be lovely. Lots of walking too, which will be a big help!

Fattothin- Re-feed is what you have to do to introduce food back in to your life basically. When you feel that you want to start it, your pharmacy will give you an information pack. There is also a sticky link at the top of the Lipotrim pages on Minimins that Mini has posted I believe.


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Hey Lairey, Dont really know if you will lose anything, but would love to know if you do or not. Let us know how you get on xxx
Yes I love it - would find it hard to keep away from those LOVELY stroopwaffles tho! And the chips with satay sauce mmmmmmmmmmmm :)

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