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Re joined

Well after starting SW back in march, and reaching my club ten :) I went off plan for 4 weeks... Got engaged!!! And celebrated a little too much lol!!I know no excuse..... But anyway.... Went back to class last night for first time and put on 8lb so I'm very disappointed in myself :(

Is anyone else in the same boat?

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One day at a time, one step at a time
Hey Karen
Who can blame you for celebrating :D congratulations sweetie :bliss: sure you will both be very very happy.

Ok so you've put on but you know sw works and you have taken the biggest step and gone back :D proud of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Congratulations on your engagement! We all fall off once in a while I fell off for 6 months and put on over 1st and a ½ but picked myself up again. At least you are back on track and still doing something about it and didn't just give up. Good Luck :)
I've been back on plan for 5 weeks now and have lost 10½lb. Last time I done SW is was on plan for 26 weeks and lost 7lb in total but gained 3lb back whilst still at group :cry:, but enjoying a lot more this time round x
Wow check you out thats so good!! Well done you :D

I think once your back to being motivated it's good... It's just staying that way!!

My problem is my sweet tooth and long shifts :( xx

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I found work difficult as I was lucky to even get a lunch and when I did it was one of those pop out and get a sandwich and a chocolate bar for a quick grab and go lunch, bit i'm out of work atm so thats why I properly finding it easier as I have the time. I'm the same I love chocolate and ice cream but I have worked out my syns so every friday after my WI on Thursday I have a 2 bar KitKat as its only 5½ syns which for me is worth having!
Aw that's a bit like me, but u save a curly wurly a day :)

I work in a children's home so I'm constantly surrounded in take aways, and foods!! :( so it's when your willpower needs to come in!!

I'm on fb if you fancy chatting on there too, I sometimes forget about this haha xx

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