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  1. tootsies19

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    I am on day 4 and have quite a headache today and abit hot. I have been having the three meal replacements and nothing else apart form the free liquids. My cdc told me on day four I could have protein, so i had some chicken, does this mean I am on ss+ now and can I have skimmed milk as well, I am abit confused. It has been a long bank holiday weekend!!!!

    Start weight:12.7:(

    Target weight: 10st:)

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  3. debz32

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    hey....well done on getting this far...not sure why your CDC told you that you could have protein on day 4 :confused:

    Sole Source plus has 2 options - either 3 packs plus 200cal meal (small portion of protein plus couple tablespoons of veg/salad) OR 4 packs plus 200ml skimmed neither of these options seem to fit what your CDC has told you.....:confused:

    maybe give her a ring to clarify her thinking...or just read through your yellow book on Sole Source plus - which will outline the exact combinations for the options above...

    hope that helps !

    Debz x
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    Hi I alternate between SS and SS+ for many reasons. If Ive got an easy day with cooking etc then I'll do SS but if Im socialising or wanting to sit with the family for a meal then I do SS+. I also like you start feeling headachey and almost light headed when following just SS. Ive still had good weight losses doing the CD this way. Talk to your CDC at your next weigh in. She/he will give you the best advice. Also after day 4/5 I was suffering from headaches etc but thats your body detoxing. I felt a different person by about day 7 and especially after I was weighed and had lost 9lb. Stay positive LOL SXXXX
  5. tootsies19

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    Thanks Debz for that not sure what I am doing then and have no yellow book either!!!
    Do most people do ss for afew days then move onto ss+?
    I am swapping some of my yucky sachets tomorrow for ones that are more bearable, so will check with her! Is the next step up two satchets and a evening meal, when you reach a certain weight?
    Sorry for all the questions!

    Thank you for your postive words sabab172, that sounds good how you do it and you are still maintaining a good weight loss, I find it hard in the evening not having meal with husband and kids. I was very good today and refused ice cream at beach, so have got will power somewhere. My cdc can,t weigh me till 01 sept as she is away so seems a long way off!!!
  6. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member, you can stay on Sole Source (just 3 packs) for 12 long as your GP has been informed and your BMI is higher than 25....after that you do the 810 plan for a week..and, if your BMI is higher than 25 you can continue to SS or SS+ until BMI = 25.....then you MUST move up to 810plan and can stay on this until your BMI is 20....

    you should have been given the yellow 'WEIGHT CARE WITH CAMBRIDGE' booklet - ASK FOR IT !! this will guide you through all the plans and has lots of ideas and recipes etc etc....all CDCs are supposed to give it out at 1st appointment......:rolleyes:

    good luck with your journey....stick with us on here and we'll keep you on track - but do ask for your yellow is full of very useful info !

    Debz xx
  7. tootsies19

    tootsies19 Member

    Hi all,
    Just to let you know I got some of the magic sticks and it shows I am in kertosis and headache gone and feel alot better today and not feeling hungry!
    I went to cdc to swap some packs and also picked up yellow book, but she is still saying have some proein without green food, so first weigh in on monday:)
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