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re-start after xmas.. weigh ins and other stuff

Right so today is my 1st day back on CC after xmas.. had an awesome time away with family but im so ready to get back on it, 3 weeks off the diet and iv put on a total of... dun dun duuuuuun, 4lbs. im not stressing about it everyone puts on weight over xmas but now its time to start shifting it again.. total weight loss so far is just over 2st. still got 8 stone to lose but 2011 is my year to wave goodbye to this bulge..

got 4 weeks till hubby goes of to afghan so want to shift what i can before he leaves and get myself back into the mind frame i was in before xmas, then once he leaves its all out fat busting mode to get looking gorgeous before he returns lol..

Anyway this is where ill keep all my weigh ins, moans, ranting pretty much everything

Ahhhhh its good to be back
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Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi....lots of luck...I've had that feeling this week too, kinda excited and motivated,love it !!! Just wish I could bottle it and save it for when I really need it !!!!
4 lbs over the festive period isn't bad, some people regain tons !!!
How long is your Hubby going to be away ??

Diva x
cheers girlys.. he is away for 12 weeks to start, then back home for 2 weeks then away again for another 12 weeks :-(.. the 1st 12 will be easy its when he comes back and has to leave again thats the hardest. but it has to be done unfortunetly and the diet will keep me focused and stop me worrying (to much) lol.. im seeing it as 12 weigh ins lol which dont sound so bad lol
sat is my weigh cant wait and every thing is sailing along nicely actually got back into after xmas easier then i thought, even with loads of xmas choc in the house still havent felt tempted at all, know what you mean about that jan/new year feeling i love it.. and its even more great that this time next year my goal would have been reached yay,
weigh in went well today, 3lbs lost, which mean all my xmas weight has gone whoop, took 3 weeks to put it on but only one to shift it just feeling awesome today

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