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Re-Start on CD after 2 Years

Hello All

Just restarted yesterday after 2 years off CD. I started the same day as MIke (Icemoose) and am now back to where I started on that day with a little more added due to severe comfort eating after a long term break up. :mad: I have read through Mike's blog today and am so fucused and as my title shows its for me this time and no-one else!!! may sound selfish but the person i thought cared most in the world was the one manipulating me and forcing me to do the diet to "keep him" so to speak.

So back single now (and really freaked out at how to meet people, not been on a date for over 11 years) my head's in right place (well I hope so) and here my journey starts.

However its a long one, need to lose 6 stone... I have seen Mini's name around and am so glad she is still here as she used to be my rock when last on programme. Anyone please HELP:mad::wave_cry:

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Goodbye Tum
Hi Michelle, welcome back, you've come to the right place and that six stone will soon be gone. You know what you're doing so let's get you sorted and some lovely dates to go on xx
Hello All

Many thanks for you supportive comments. Its not as bad as I remembered, however tummy grumbling at the minute. Just had a vanilla shake with coffee in to try and get over the horrible taste as I got a mix of flavours and forgot I hate the vanilla ones:mad:...

I have to make sure that by elections day 1st May i have lost at least 2 stones just to p*ss my ex off and showing him the world never ended with him dumping me by email, as I am a Poll Clerk for the elections and have been assigned to the building he goes to and he makes a point of voting as it is "his right" so he says. SO gotta stay focused, then in June I'm off to Turkey so chance to get another stone off by then, just ready for myt Turkish bath and massage by a nice young man ( Ha Ha, I always get the short fat old one :eek:) .

Nearly onto day 2 and 1000% focused.:wave_cry:

Thanks again all


PS if anyone knows of any nice young men in the Bolton/Bury areas you know where I am...:p:D:)


The Diet Guy
Eyes on the prize :)

You'll be slim in the blink of an eye



Back on the wagon!
You go for it girl...for yourself is the best motivation and the best reason!


Has been AWOL
good luck! you sound very focussed, I'm sure you'll do really well :)

I still have the screensaver I made from when we first started saying this, it was how I got used to powerpoint. I cant believe u still use it. It has stuck though, and I gues my Prize will be happiness well I hope so. LOL

Michelle x
Very best of luck. Your positivity and focus will get you through this journey. You'll be diddy in no time.
I truly hope so I WANT to do this and also NEED to do this to try and get some confidence and self esteem back. I'm the happy jolly (on the outside) person everyone loves as a friend but nothing after that and I hope that when I get confidence and self esteem back I will have the guts (of lack of bodily wise) to tell these people who feed off my energy to bog off and get their problems issues sorted themselves so to speak if that makes any sense.

Only my mum and dad know I am doing this, everyone else thinks I have given up beer for lent at the minute and am on a diet.

thansk for all the support it means a lot when I feel so alone at the minute.

Welcome Michelle, you sound so positive and so focused you'll be where you want to be in no time! I adopted the "Eyes on the Prize" mantra and it has seen me through so tough spots. You've got some fabulous things to aim for along the way with the elections and your holiday in Turkey (I'm off there myself in July).

Good luck hun and keep us posted. You know where we are if you need us.



Has been AWOL
everyone else thinks I have given up beer for lent at the minute
I wish I'd thought of that!!!

I've told a select few people, my parents, grandparents (only cos we went for dinner with them...), my brother, and 3 friends. I've purposely left out people who make horrible comments but I've always been left a bit dumbstruck when I've had to explain something, like why I'm not drinking coffees at work and stuff!! should have said I gave up coffee and chocolate for lent! maybe I'll start lent after easter ;)


Queen of the Damned
Sending you some major :vibes: - you sound very focused, and have such motivation - go for it!!! :clap:

Good Luck for Thursday, will be looking to see how you have gone one.

I work in a pub and when the regulars try and buy me a drink that is what I say, bit of a strange one, but after Easter Sunday has gone, I'll have to say lost so much weight not drinking, staying off until I go on holiday in June, then think of another excuse after that, but got about 4 months to come up with the next one, or depending on how well I do may not need to then.

The worst bit for me will be I work in the function room and we do parties and always the people whose party it is force buffet on us, so have to tell them no when it all looks so goregeous and the cake is the best ever. That will be a test I hope to pass with flying colours. We will see on Saturday as there is a 40th Birthday on...

Hope to post lots and your encouraging messages will keep me going. Just knowing there is someone who feels the same and has been through the same really helps.

Thanks all again your support is very much appreciated.

Michelle XX
Made through today just...

I was ok till about 10pm then chatterbox tried to take over and i was like :eatdrink051:but I ddn't let it win..:party0049: I went to the pub to quiz night where I work to keep me busy and had 2 pints of water to boot. So out of a negative I got 2 plusses, I and 3 others won the quiz so gave up my free drinks token to them and also got another 2 pints of water down.

See how we go tomorrow as I know these first few days are the worst :eek:
Good Luck on your journey's everyone

Michelle :grouphugg:


Full Member
Lots and lots of best wishes on the journey. Alot of self satisfaction will come from doing it for yourself
Thanks for the well wishes Irene & Lisa

Well the day is 2/3 of the way over and still going strong. :p

I had a sneaky peak at the scales today ... I know but couldnt resist it :whip: Well its good news but will know officially monday night after my weigh In.

I am sick to bloody death of :tear_drop: and the toilet rolls are vanishing at lightening speed. But rather have no bog roll and not fat rather than lots of bog roll and lots of fat.

Take care everyone and keep posting.



Has been AWOL
well done! you're doing well :)
know how you feel about the scales, I try to convince myself not to get on them during the week but it's so much fun now, seeing them go down for a change!!!
its mad isnt it. it seems that weight is the first thing you think of when you wake and last thing at night with dreamy thoughts of food in between.....:(

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