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Re-starting "loser"...

... 2stone in 4 weeks!!!

Hi All!

Some of you may recognise me (many won't) I have been coming on these websites for years and some of you will know how many times I have tried and struggled to get back on the effing wagon to no avail!

I successfully lost 4 stone in 2004/2005 on LL. I tried to re-start on LL 3 times and could not stick it. Then switched over to CD at the end of 2005 for my wedding but again could not stick to it. I have since picked up all the weight and more and tried various diets (“Neris and India's Idiot-proof Diet”, GI & WW and back to CD again).

I started CD again on 7 August on the 790 plan and I have now lost 2 stone and feeling SO much better. I done 6 days of solid SS but did not loose anything but doing 790 my weight seems to shift?! Not complaining, so now I can enjoy a nice tuna, onion & cucumber salad in the evenings if I want, but will not eat if I am not hungry and will stick to my shakes.

I have thrown away all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore as I am never going to let myself get that big again! Something I have never done!!!

I know this is a “Diary-like” thread, tbh I don’t keep them up as I don’t get much response on them so I mainly hover on other threads, but I will post this on the diary pages. I just needed to whoop for joy!!! I was so excited weighing myself this morning that I got on the scales FIVE times just to make sure that it was a solid 2 stone!!!

Sorry to bore you all with the history!

Char x:eek:x
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wow Char, what an amazing start. You sound really determined to succeed this time.

Throwing your big clothes away, for me, is an absolute must. I dont want to have the safety net of bigger clothes to fall back on. Im hoping that once I reach my goal weight I can use my clothes rather than the scales to tell me when I need to cut back a bit. CD is so bloody hard that I definitely dont want to have to do it more than once lol.

Congratulations again and keep up the fantastic work.
Re-starting "looser"... 2 stone in 4 weeks

Thanks for your reply Sam!

I never threw away my clothes when I first done this diet and that was a massive mistake as when I picked up weight I just fitted back into the old stuff.

I have so many suits for work which I am going to dig out the cupboard, get dry-cleaned and hang up so that I can see them to give me more incentive to get in them.

I am sitting here cringing... I hate posting on here! I was so happy this morning but watching people read the posts but not comment is very disheartning so I think I am just going to go back to hovering :wave_cry:


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hi Chardonnay,

and great to see that you're again back on the road to becoming a slimmer you.

One thing: rather than throwing the big clothes away, try Ebay... I made a small fortune on the really big clothes I sold (admittedly a year after getting to target! had to be sure!). Size 16s and 18s didn't sell well at all but the 20s and above bought me a lot of my new wardrobe. Any clothes too well worn for selling, I donated to a shelter. They might have thrown them out for all I know, but at least I didn't!

Good luck for the rest of the journey and be sure to do the stabilisation and maintenance plan before "stopping"!
No Noooo Chardonay,
don't get disheartened if you don't get many replies - possibley they are hoverers too lol

Fantastic news on the 2 stones off it 4 weeks, thats brilliant. Had to laugh at you weighing yourself 5 times just to be sure :p

Well done YOU :D
Maintainter: I have thought about selling stuff on e-bay but don't know if I can be bothered with all the hassle. All the stuff that I am throwing away is not new (and some is pretty old) will people really buy this?

Anewme: Thank you!!!

Geri: Good too "see" and "old" face!!! How are you??? I am so sensitive at the best of times, I should not write down my emotions on here. I feel vulnerable when no one replies. I will go in and delete that stupid comment anyway! Do you know how to change the thread title?
Char - you are doing fab and an inspiration to me. Im a restarter or as I like to put it im reinventing (again) lol, im sitting here worrying about getting through the weekend as this is my worst time, saying that no day is a good day hahahaha, but hey im doing better - been on the diet 5 days now hopefully next weeks weigh in will blow my socks off.

Your w/loss is fantastic for 4 weeks - WOOOHOOO! :eek:)

S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Hi Char

Dont worry about people not posting on your thread. Some people are not confident to give advice to others but still use the threads as a source of quiet support - like you have been doing.

Its great to read of others experiences on the diet and the ups and downs. Personally I find it great to come and let off steam on here and love congratulating people on their successes - or giving a kick up the bum if needed, and I am grateful that others can do the same for me.

So please keep posting. We're all "friends" on here, and yet we dont know each other so we can get away with asking daft questions that we are too afraid to ask our friends in the "real world"

You are doing brilliantly.
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Sorry, forgot to answer your question about ebay! Personally I think stuff should be nearly new to be good enough for ebay, or if you have stuff in your warbrobe that still has tags on then its definitely worth putting those on.

If you think its not good enough for ebay do a car boot sale. You'll be amazed what people will buy for 50p or £1 and the £1's soon add up. You could raise quite a bit, and certainly enough for a few items in your smaller sizes.
Hey Chardonnay,

Don't be disheartened by non-posters. I often come in for a browse while I'm at work for a bit of motivation - but very rarely have time to post. I only post in evenings and weekends, so during the days I just nose around :D

good luck on your journey - you can do it :)


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