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Re: Wk 8 WI...I think I will change my Username....

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol...well done on the loss again Huni!!! See its coming off!!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
Good consistent weightloss! It soon adds up! Well done.
woop woop its coming off girl!!!!!!!!!! well done, just remember YOU have done this and nobody else which makes it so much more EXITING, keep it up sweety 1lb a weeks is summet like 4 st a year
laura xx
1lb is fab. My average is 1.5lb a week with a couple of random bigger losses along the way. Looking back though I can't believe how much my weight has come down and the small losses really do add up :)


Slow but sure....
Thank you Laura, as long as I keep losing a 1lb a week I shall be happy, the blubber is starting to move and that is so exciting for me after all these years carrying it around, many thanks. X
thats wot i say, after(alltogether 9 wks on the diet ilove it-i really do) and i had a target to be met, i was very strict with myself for the 1st month n lost my 1st stone, after that im quite happy to plod along loosing even half a pound a week actually because it all adds up!!!! and as you said een at small losses the difference is amazing, specially seeing yourself creeping into the next stone and so on!!!! i never thought i was able to do this- and people such as yourself donnie are an inspiration to us all!!!! well done hunny
laura xx


Slow but sure....
Oh Laura thank you, I'm really touched by that, if I am helping anyone else along my SW journey, then it will have been all worthwhile, many thanks to you. X

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