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    Well, I could have put money on it happening. Day 30 and I've lapsed in a mahooosive style.

    All was fine, and then at 3:00pm I just lost it. Was alone at home and shoved everything I could see into my mouth;
    Easter eggs, crisps, bread, cheese, ice-cream, sausages the whole lot.

    So a big, fat failure is I. Am typing this knowing that I won't be able to get back on the plan tomorrow. The worse thing is is that I've done it all in secret and everyone has returned from work and school and are blissfully unaware that the cupboards, fridge and freezer are a lot lighter than when they all left the house this morning.

    I'm 34 and wanted to break out of my unhappy life and really thought that this plan would work for me and give me the confidence I so dearly lack. Who was I kidding?

    Penance I guess.

    Fattybum. Xx

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  3. tashap

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    First thing - stop punishing yourself!

    2nd - if it was someone else who'd posted this message what would you say to them?

    3rd - sending you a hug.

    T x
  4. MagdaX

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    Hey hey... you are not a failure!!
    **** happens hun! I had those massive lapses too and I too found it difficult to get back on the plan.
    But really, what is stopping you from starting afresh tomorrow? Why are you so sure that you WON'T do it?
    Because you had some food today doesn't mean that you have to carry on eating.
    Go back to the day you decided to do LL. Are the reasons you thought it would be a good idea still there? I bet they are...
    LL is still the best weight loss program out there and it IS achievable, even if you have a lapse.
    Talking of which.. why did you eat? Was is boredom, fear, habit, etc.
    Try to analyse your thought process and definitely seek help from your group and LLC.
    And hun, don't beat yourself up! You're actually much stronger than you think. You just openly admited your lil lapse to all of us on here. That's a very brave thing to do!
    We are all here if you need us hun xx
  5. Fat2ThinGirl

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    Hey...just wanted to say been there and fallen of the wagon big style too. Lost 8 stone on LL last yr and gained 9 back...that is a failure (but I learned from it and so am back to try again). You have not failed, you have just had a blip. Draw a line under it and start again.

    This time I am trying to use a towards strategy....moving towards my goal instead of an away strategy...moving away from how ugly, awful and fat I feel. Try it..what have you got to lose? Forgive yourself for the blip as you are only this diet is flippin' hard. You have managed to lose 16lb on it...what does that tell you in relation to your thoughts about failure? To me a 16lb loss equals success. Like magiclove said think about why the blip happened, learn from it and move on. Be 100% tomorrow and hold on till you are back in ketosis. You can do it, you just have to believe it and believe in yourself. You will probably still have a loss at the end of the week saying you know you wont get back on track you are assuming that this one blip means it's all over and are giving yourself permission to give up. It doesn't have to be that way. Look forwards again to your goal and don't ever give up.
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  6. LadyT

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    The ladies all talk sense!

    So you had a lapse, tomorrow is a new day, you can get straight back on it.

    Try to think about where you want to be in a positive way, not that you know you will fail, if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you got (think thats how you say it) basically you have to change your behaviours to get different results, let this be the blip that gives you the strength to kick this fat into touch!

    Good luck xx
  7. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Hey Miss Sheffield!
    What's going on hun? It's something more than just being home alone I bet?
    Are you having the CBT/group sessions? Have you got a good LL counsellor? Try sitting down quietly at home and writing down the thoughts you had leading up to the lapse you had. :eek:
    One of the reasons for abstinence on LL is to break those patterns of behaviour we've developed over such a long time.
    Get back on the horse hun. You know you can.
    Start again in the morning. Good luck xx:)
  8. Julslynne

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    Ppppplease don't give up I've been there and it was the worse thing I've done. I'd been on the plan 6 weeks and then a hol came and I completely went off the rails. I was so guilty when I got back that I didn't go to class. Big big mistake because i ended up piling all my weight + half a stone back on. Please don't beat yourself up over one lapse. Your only human after all. Just draw a line under it. Today is a new day. Stay strong. Sending u hugs. Xxxx :-D
  9. Minerva

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    You're 34 and you are still very very young! Your whole life is ahead of you! You weren't kidding yourself - this plan CAN work, if you let it work. It requires a little patience. I do know from personal experience, having been overweight and obese all my life - when I was at the BMI normal, it really did give me the confidence. I think all ladies here can vouch for it - they finally have grown a self-worth they never thought possible.
    We've all had lapses - but that's all they are... Momentary blips in the long stretch of time. I know it's hard to recover mentally after anything that breaks the confidence that much... What was the bigger problem triggering the onset of this behaviour? Because such a thing doesn't happen just because you wanted to eat... An emotion, somewhere, a deep dark thought caught you unaware which previously also commanded a degree of comfort from eating. Is it a problem that you can work on slowly without turning to such extremes? Perhaps you should work on figuring out what it was before anything. Sending you {{hugs}} regardless. :)

    Never say never by the way. ;) There are many individuals who've had blips, holidays etc. and have returned to the plan successfully! I know you can do it too! Stay strong, trust me, it's worth it in the end. :)
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