Ready meals- i need your help!


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I recently completed the lighter life program and am a massive fan of minimins!!
To cut a long story short I am a student in my final year studying Broadcast Journalism- and i need your help!
I want to interview people who rely on ready meals on a daily basis- individually or as a family.
Whether it is for medical needs, as a way of calorie counting, because of a busy working life or basically because you just enjoy them I really need to speak to someone/or people who rely on ready meals for their everyday life. Also if anybody gained/lost weight because of eating ready meals... whatever the story is I want to hear it ;)
The footage will never be broadcast just used for my final piece along with my dissertation..
you would literally be doing me a massive favour...
If anybody is interested or willing to help or knows of somebody for my case study.. please let me know..
Its massivly appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you- thanks for reading

Kellie xxxx
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