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Ready meals?


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Hi there, im struggling in my breaks at work as there is no fridge, just vending machines with sandwhiches and cakes etc in, or a man serving up hot food. There is a microwave but no kettle. Is there any low syn ready meals that i can take? preferebly from Tesco, but i can get to sainsburys, aldi and waitrose too. I mainly do EE xxx
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Mrs V

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Why not make home made meals the night before? Or take left overs??
I do this all the time. For EE, I make a full cooked breakfast (Morrisons vlf pork sausages, baked beans, tinned new potatoes, mushrooms, bacon and egg) - reheat in microwave.
Jacket potatoes?? Add a tin of something to it.
There are so many things that you can do Hun, you really arent limited if you have access to a microwave!


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i know but no fridge so it would be sat in my locker for 3 hours, and i only get 20 mins break so not much time either. I have been taking baby new potatoes and today im taking cottage pie, but i feel funny that its not ina fridge. At least with a ready meal it will be frozen so should stay cold in my locker


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Packets of dried things like noodles and pasta n sauce would be good for this because all you need is access to a tap. Put cold water on them and cook them in the microwave. You can also cook anything tinned this way like tinned vegetable ravioli. Ok so using convenience foods isn't the best option, but it'll get something warm into you.

Or, as Mrs V says, take a tin of something like tuna to work and get the hot food man to give you a jacket spud. Or Jacket spud, beans, hold the butter! xx

There are also loads of tinned soups on the HEb list and bread doesn't need to be refrigerated so take a couple of slices to bread with you to work and syn the soup?
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I lost the Tesco Light Choices Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles from the frozen section. Its a ready meal which is soo tasty and only 5 syns on green and EE.
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I LOVE quorn cottage pies- these are in the chilled meat free section at Tesco. They taste like the most comforting sheperds pie ever (and I don't usually like quorn)

The 300g serving is 3 syns, the 500g serving (which should serve 2 but I eat the lot myself- but am quite greedy) is 4.5 syns- and well worth it

Mrs V

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I dont have a fridge either where I am Hun and I havent died of anything yet! Lol. Just make sure that the food is chilled over night and if you have a cool bag all we and good, or failing that wrap it in a few carrier bags and it will stay cool.
I dont eat my Muller lite yoghurts until around 2pm..I leave at 8.00 in the morning and they are still chilled.


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Thanks for the info on those ready meals.

The otherthing you can do is wrap you're food in tin foil. Insulation to keep the cold in if refridgerated over night :)


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Definitely make your own ready meals as then you'll know exactly what is in them and how many syns they have. it'll also save you a fortune!

As already mentioned invest in a cooler bag and you can buy ice packs that will keep feel cold until lunchtime. Also get a food flask and you can take all sort of hot dishes such as soups, stews, chilli and curry.

I understand that this is a new way of doing things and will require a bit of work but the reality is that it is our lifestyles that have brought us to the point where we are overweight. You have to be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle if you want to lose weight and stay there. :)

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