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Ready to quit!!!!

Hello to everyone - I am new to this!

I joined 2 weeks ago L.L.L and in the first week I lost 9lbs, then this week I lost 2lbs!!!!!! 2 stone is my goal to loose - so I have 17lbs to go, but I am a bit fed up with the last weight loss. 2lbs with NO CHEATING - would I not be better to go to Scottish Slimmers and pay £5 a week than pay £50!!!!!

I am having my meal at night and sticking to the 200g portion of protein and eating green veg!

Really fed up now and doing it for one more week then will have to decide what I want to do?

Any advice or help would really help today!

Many thanks

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Whoaaa- surely you don;t expect 9 pounds each week??? That is 11 pounds in two weeks - 5.5 pounds a week....thats a fantastic loss, and a bit to early to throw in the towel!!

Give it another week and see - bet you will be pleased. :)

I can practically guarantee you will lose it a far site fastr on LL then you would at Scottish CLubs....also taking into consideration you would be buying food, so it would not just be 5 quid a week.. ;) but you have to set realistic expectations!

If you want it bad enough, stick to it!! It will be worth it. :)
Blonde Logic

Thanks for the support! Any tips would be welcomed as your success is amazing.
I honestly thought I might have lost 4lbs - is there any secret tips? I am drinking about 4pints of water, have had turnip (had that the first week).
I know you still have to buy food in S.S - I guess I was weighing up with L.L.L £50 plus the cost of all my evening meals (steak, turkey, chicken, fish and all the veg) - it soon mounts up?

Did you ever have a low loss?

Thanks for listening!!

Suzanne x
Hi Suz

Well, I did LL, so it was total abstinance. I had pretty consistant losses all the way through, but - I did have 3 or 4 weighins where I only lost OUNCES. :D

Thing is, if you are doing it 100%, it can;t help but work. So those low weeks didn;tbother me because I knew it was just my body doing wht it had to do to cope with the severity of the diet.

So best tip I have, is relax and enjoy the ride - take the big weeks with the little weeks the same way - its all going in the right direction, and thats what matters!!

At the end of it, my losses ranged from 3 ounces to 10 pounds (that being my first week)...but at the end, it averaged out to 4 pounds a week. :)

Good luck this week. Let us know how you got on. :)
Hi Suz73,

What a fantastic achievement...11lbs in two weeks. I am doing LLL and have been for 14 weeks now, I have lost 2.7 stone so far now and have another few 10 pounds to go. Since my inital weight loss of 9lbs I have consisently lost 2 to 3lbs each week, I have stuck 3 times - how I have coped with it is to re-read the books, to re-read the letter to myself and to work out where I am in the cycle of change and committment. A few times I have struggled and felt like throwing the towel in.....but recognising my usual pattern of losing a few pounds and putting it back on.... I managed to stay with the programme each week, even though I've had my down days.....mainly because I wanted fast results. I had to remember it took me several years to put on the weight, so what if it takes me several months to get rid of it. So here I am 10lbs from goal and staying with the programme.....remembering my mantra.."Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels".....keeping in my mind how I felt when I slipped into my favourite size 12 jeans and could do them up without lying down on the bed and zipping them up with a coathanger...with an ill-concealed muffin top. These jeans are now too big and I can fit into size 10.....Yippee, they are still a big snug and I walk like John Wayne in them....but hey ho who needs to sit down. Joking aside, my aim is to fit in them and be able to sit down....so the 10lbs must go. Remember small goals are more achieveable, think about losing the next 7lbs each time....this feels easier to obtain than the bigger weight loss....rememeber every weight loss, no matter how smaller contributes to a smaller, slimmer, sleeker you. Keep on LLL, you know it makes sense. Keep me posted. Much respect PR
Pink Ribbon

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!! I will keep going you just get days when chocolate looks sooooo much more appealing!! (ha! ha!), but your are right - clothes that I couldn't get on now.....are starting to fit!!!
Do you have any good food idea's? Did you eat alot of veg at night?
Any tips would be great!
Remember walking like John Wayne - could be the next cool thing Ha! Ha! - i have those jeans that can go on, but can I breathe - HELL NO!!!!!

Speak soon

Suz xx
Hi Suz

The other ladies have given you such good info and advice. The only other thing I would say is, try not to" EXPECT"
how much you will lose each week. Just wait and see. As long as it's going in the right direction it all adds up pretty quickly.
When I was 21.5 stone I couldn't even WEAR jeans.Now I'm in size 10 jeans.
I've got skinny ones with rhinestones, bootcut with pearls, white ones, pink ones, designer ones, cheap ones ..........
you name it - I've got them!!!!
And I love it. If BL can do it and I can do - then you can do it. Stick with it.
Chocolate will always be there. Just learn that YOU will be in CONTROL of when you decide to eat it. YOU have the power.
Go girl. Let us know how you get on this week.
P.S. Great post from Pink Ribbon.xx
Hi everyone. I haven't started yet, still waiting to hear from my counsellor, I have spoken on the phone, but she seems a bit muddled - has sent me another e-mail asking me to contact again, although I've done so. Will give her another day. I have only around 1 stone to lose, I really need to get it off now. Is there anyone else who has done it with just 14-21pounds to lose? Also, will my GP be notified if I decide to go ahead with this? really looking forward to getting going. Would like to hear your advise. Thanks so much. Mumbles
Hi mumbles

I have two stone to loose (have lost 11lbs in two weeks) ,I am on Lighter Life Light - I take it you will be on this? If you have no illness then they will start you straight away, my doctor was not contacted.
If it is Lighter Life - I think they need a doctors stamp - but there are other ladies on here that will keep you right?
Hope that helps
Suz x

Thank you for your encouraging words!! WOW to your weight loss - I think my right thigh is a size 10!!!!!!!
Pink Ribbon sounds really good fun and both you and her have done AMAZING.
I get weighed Saturday 22nd August 09 - will be laughing or "greetin" as they say in Scotland!!!
Speak soon

Suz xx
Thanks so much Suz73 for taking the trouble to answer, Yes, I will be on LLL, if my counsellor gets in touch!! I hope it will work for me. You are doing really, really well. I'm very glad that the GP won't be contacted - in fact it may make me change my decision. Thanks again

Just keep in touch! Feels weird talking to people you don't know (I am new to all this as well), but the support you get is great and gives you that wee boost you need!
If your counsellor doesn't get in touch - try another one maybe in another town - this one doesn't sound great!!
Suz x
Hi Suz73

Glad you posted again! It is good to have someone to keep in touch with, even if you don't know them! I've just phoned my counsellor again, and she responded this time. I'm going to arrange a date. It will be the beginning of September. This is the first time I've done anything like this, I've always managed to control my weight until now - but I really need to take it seriously before things get worse. I'm away tomorrow until next Saturday. Will look forward to hearing how everyone is doing. Mumbles

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hia suz , hia mumbbles.
i did ll a few years back and maintained for a couple of years , i gained a couple of stone last year so decided to give lll a go to get back to my new "normal" weight . i started in may and i lost 2 stone quite quickly , i deal well with structure so the tight restrictions really suited me . anyway i did have a half stone gain on my holiday which ive lost again within a couple of weeks . ive now switched to a healthy eating low gi programme so i can run more and my bmi is within a healthy range so im hoping to loose a further stone just to give me some leeway but im happy to take it a little slower if it mean i can get out and back to my distance running.

the programme is fab if somewhat restricive but it is designed to re-educate you and the way you deal with food , so if its followed correctly you have great losses and hopefully gain the tools you need to keep slim for years to come.

suz try eating lots of leafie green veg and only small amounts of things like carrot and turnip as these are much higher in carbs.
the ll curry in the book is fab served with cauliflower "rice" and is a lovely alternative to plain meat or fish. ive had so many lovely meals all within the lite bounderies , just be inventive and its amazing what you can knock up with the allowable foods .

well ive waffled on enough as per usual:eek: so ill sign off now , but feel free to ask anything and ill try to help
xxxgoodluck ladies xxx
Well I now have another 1lb off - so that is 13lbs in 3 weeks.
I have decided now to follow a low carb diet - (tesco do low carb shakes and I am using the Atkins bars) as I still need to get a stone off and feel that L.L.L is a good but paying £50 a week then buying food on top of that does not make sense!!!!!
This diet would be good when you got to your goal weight - as you could easily maintain or if you had to loose a quick stone!.
So now I pay £25 a week for shakes and bars (all low carb -) have my meal at night .....see how next saturday's weigh in goes.
Mumbles - give it a go and see how you get on, let me know.
I will still keep in touch (hope that is ok).
Speak soon
Suz x
Sukie Sue

Thanks so much for you message - you are right it does re educate your way of thinking and shocking the amount of food I used to eat and really didn't need it.
In my last post I have decided to do low carb shakes and bars from tesco (actually the same ingredients as L.L.L - fat a wee bit higher), but I have now got into the way of really enjoying a shake in the morning and a bar at lunch - I don't to break that.
I will have a wee look at the curry dish - is rice not high in carbs as you do get fed up with green veg?
I might have a wee nosey on Amazon for a low carb cook book?
1 stone gone - 1 stone and a 1lb to go - this will be the toughest journey!!!

Speak soon

Suz x


...we're sinking deeper.
Perhaps make a cauliflower rice! Whiz some raw cauliflower in the blender - but literally for a few seconds! So that it gains a 'grainy' texture... Then steam it for a few mins - and surprisingly it makes an excellent substitute. Or if you're low-carbing try small portions of quinoa or cous-cous... Personally I divide an Ainsley Harriott cous-cous pack into 4 portions (so measure out 25g at a time and prepare it as he says) - it's more than enough with vegetables and a protein portion. And about 95 calories per quarter of the pack.

And I do agree about LLLite costing a bit more than needed. While I did stick it out for about 5 months; all the food I was buying plus the shakes... drove me insane! Though - since I've officially finished Lite RTM on 1st June, I've lost a further 8lbs just by counting calories, being more active and low-carbing... So it's absolutely doable by yourself - but the results don't come anywhere near as quickly. ... But we have the rest of our lives to worry about it, so fast answers really aren't always the best! ;)

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