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ready to refeed !!

Hiya, good luck with your re-feed. I have exactly those same fears. Especially as I do not feel I reached the weight I want to. Started re-feed today as I was told I have lost enough and am starting to look ill.

I am so terrified about the eating side and putting on weight. Had my first meal an hour ago and feel fit to pop still!!! I am sure once we get into the swing of things we will have more confidence in ourselves. And once our bodies get used to food again and we are sensible we should be ok.

I hope someone else can give you a more cheerier reply, and I wish you the very best of luck


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Claire

Firstly, well done on getting to this point!!!!

I would say read your re-feed notes, not once, but a good few times so that you are really familiar with the whole program. It isnt always easy to digest especially with so many fears running around your mind at the minute.

I would also encourage you to look at other people's diaries where they have refed...I recorded all my fears, etc..and I think it just helps to reassure as well. We all feel those feelings and are frightened the weight will pile on again.

I had a gain on my first week of refeed and was devastated.....but the second week I lost the weight and more besides, and I think it was just my glycogen levels..it wasnt fat that I had put on. It is just hard getting your head around a gain when for weeks it was loss after loss...but, if you refeed 100% you cant go wrong and cant put the weight on.

The only way you will gain all your weight is if you eat the way you did in the first place!! Simple! Might sound hard, but it is true. If you have learnt all about healthy eating, etc and enjoy your new slim self, then there is no reason why you should put weight on.

Look at Jan/Mary on the Maintenance forum...they have maintained within a few pounds for months and months...it is achievable but they know their limits..not to say they dont fall off the wagon at times, they do,,,but they know when to reign in as well and get back on track..it is all about control and learning to enjoy food again and not the old stodge and bad food! All to do with re-education.

Dont fear food; try and learn to enjoy it. After TFR, healthy food is so appealing.....

Just read as much as you can and arm yourself with all the knowledge and just keep asking lots of questions as well!! There is always someone here to answer.

Take care.
Iris has said it all, just follow the refeed sheet to the letter and you wont go far wrong. Maybe a small gain on the first week, which is perfectly normal as the glycogen levels fill up to where they should be, but this is only a water gain and NOT fat, so dont worry if you do have a small gain in the first week, it will disappear the second week.

Once you have done your two weeks refeed, just gradually start to introduce other foods into your diet and keep a check on your weight, you will see what foods to cut down on and what foods dont affect your weight. If like all of us, and you do over-do things one day, just cut back for a day or two afterwards.

Good luck on your refeed and just read all the gen now and get yourself a menu all sorted out. Be prepared is the best motto.

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