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Ready to throw in the towel !!


I want to be fitter again
I hate to admit defeat but there is slow weight loss and there is SLOW weight loss. I have only lost half a pound this month and 3.5lbs in total since beginning of December (I only put on one pound at Christmas) I have tried more fluids, less fluids, more food less food, red days green days extra easy days and still the weight isn't shifting. The only recent shift I had was when I was counting calories alongside SW (smaller portions basically with measured portions of pasta rice etc) That to me though isn't doing slimming world. I am still paying week in and week out. My consultant just says oh that's not like you and your food diaries look fabulous. She has not offered me any constructive help. She asks the group what they think but 90% of them have just started in January. Argggh do I continue? Should I try a different diet? Oh I don't know but I do know I am very very fed up with it. I have got to lose another 8lb before I can have surgery on my throat so I can't stop now :(:(:cry::cry:
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Hiya hen!!!

I feel your pain!! I know I'm only on week 3 but so far have had a STS and a half pound GAIN with EE.:mad: despite sticking to plan.This week am trying Original and if I don't get results am switching to another plan. Despite what some people say not all weight loss plans work for everyone. It's a pity coz I love SW and it's so much easier to stick to than some of the other plans.

Good luck with whatever u decide!!


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My goodness Rosie you have been so patient. Personally i would change, especially as you have a deadline for surgery, not time wise but just to get it done. I do understand your frustrations and i am feeling a bit the same am considering going over to WW myself
Good luck with your decision
Rosie, I think you have done remarkably well to stick to it for this long, it would be enough to drive anyone crazy. I remember your post before and I really can not see anywhere you are going wrong, you are eating all the right foods as SW advises, infact your diet looks perfect.

Only thing I can suggest if you want to try and stick at it for a bit longer is to maybe incorporate low GI food choices, which you have possibly already tried.

Also I know I will probably get jumped on for this, but have you thought about switching to the other side (weight watchers) just to shift that last 8lbs you desperately need to lose. You know you have no problem maintaining, your patience has been remarkable, so maybe the change toweight watchers might just kick your body into losing again and then once you have got it off revert back to SW to maintain, which we all know is much more managable in the long run.

Sorry my advice isn't very helpful. But I can understand how frustrated you must feel.
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Don't give up Rosie! Actually I know you won't because you have such a good motivation for getting those pounds off. I actually agree that maybe it is time to try a different plan, there certainly can't be any harm in giving something like WW a go. It might just shake your system up a bit. The only other thing I can think of is maybe to try a different meeting with a different SW consultant for a couple of weeks and get them to look over your diary/weight loss and see if they can perhaps be more helpful?

Good luck whatever you decide and even if you do go over to the dark side, I hope you keep on posting here on the side of light and goodness ( :p @ Starlight :rotflmao: ) - you've given so much help and support to others who are struggling, I'm sure I speak for many when saying we wouldn't want to lose your input here.
Rosie i just wanted to say good luck with whatever you decide.... i, like you have had trouble the last few months...i now weigh 6 pounds more than i did the week after xmas....and i now i weigh what i did in october so feel iv just wasted 4 months doing nothing!!

I am ready to give up completely but i know all of the weight will go straight back on...anyway good luck..and i love reading your posts on here so please still do them! :) xx
I think a change might be exactly what you need. Keep posting on here though whatever you decide. There's not only WW as you know, the Rosemary Conley diet is calories and low GI and my friend loves it. The RC website is good too.
Let us know what you decide x


Starting Again!
There's loads of fab advice here for you already. I don't really have much to add. Maybe trying something else may work. However if you're going to use SW to maintain I wouldn't want you to gain when you switch back!

Thing about SW or any diet is when you've lost weight it's harder to lose more, simply because you're not using as much energy to live as before! Have you tried SE or M2M? Might be worth asking your C.

Best of luck whatever you decide!

Natt xxx
I'd try something else Rosie. There's a few SW'ers on the Dark Side boards and it seems to be working for them. A change is as good as a rest hun, it will be a fresh start and a new way of thinking. I also agree that RC may be good for you too.

I know from your other posts that you are not doing anything wrong so I can't offer any advice other than trying a week of SE or asking for FF.

Good luck hun. xx
((( ))) hun u r in a terriable sit and i think u have been put in a bad place by your doctors because anyone else would be able to stop now and say my body likes this weight because alot of peoples targets are above what your current weight is. i take it u have to get into a healthy bmi, i think the bmi system is wrong can u not go back to who ever set this restiction and say look i've lost all this weight and i have being doing this 100% and i'm no longer losing my body must like this weight and its only 8lbs hopefully they will be understanding.
if not i don't think anyone would blame u in looking at a different plan.
good luck hun in what ever u do

edited to add why do u need to lose 8lbs hun 2lbs gets u a healthy bmi of 24.9 (132) using your stats of 5.1
you poor thing, you have such detirmination though :)

can you ask your consultant for an SAS daily diary? ours gave one to a girl in our group this week and it's meant to really help
Ah Rosie I'm sorry. I agree with everyone else in that, to me, you seem to be at a healthy weight. Your body is comfortable and thus without resorting to drastic measures your not going to lose much more - and rightly so.

I would never normally advocate such faddy plans, but maybe you could consider doing something like Lipotrim or Lighter Life for however long it would take to lose those 8lbs. A different eating plan such as weight watchers may well shock your body into losing those those few lbs, but if not, a meal replacement plan could be something to consider in the very short term. I'm not even sure a doctor/pharmacist would let you do those plans given that your weight is healthy, but it's always an option. Like I said I would never advocate these plans long term, and if it wasnt for your operation, I would never suggest this, but maybe just to drop those 8lbs and then return to SW to maintain.

Good luck x x x
I agree with so many others that another plan may give your body the boost it needs. My friend does Tesco diets and my sister does WW and we are all losing weight (I never did understand why people get so critical of other diets- if they work and don't encourage unhealthy eating then what is the problem?)

Because I now know the WW and Tesco plans I often swap to them for the odd day/week when more convenient or just for a change. They have often given me a boost, and although SW is always nice to come back to, it's just about having extra tools in your tool bag that you can get out when needed.

This is a weight loss support forum- please don't think that it is some clique that will only have you if you are in the SW gang!

Good luck
Rosie I lose weight very very slowly too - an average of one pound per month. But as my consultant pointed out, it's better than putting one pound a month on! I know it's my own fault because I don't exercise and every so often I go mad and eat all the wrong things, but overall the plan works so I keep on going. It may take years, but I'll get there in the end!:D

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