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Ready to throw the towel in!

I think I am ready to throw the towel in, damage limitation I think it is called.

Been following the plan for almost 2 weeks, lost 4lb in the first week, was so pleased and now I have gained 3lb. Do not know why? As I have followed the plan. My weigh in day is not until Tuesday but surely to gain 3lb in 2 days and having followed the plan to the letter is not really right.

Do I carry on and then gain the weight and maybe more from which I lost last week.

I am just so disheartened now!! :cry:​
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Nooooooo dont do that sweetie, please just bare with it, there could be lots of reasons for the gain, just focus on why you want to loose weight in the first place and try to stay strong, although easier said than done I know...xx


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Don't throw it in! You haven't gained 3lb in 2 days - you have a WI once a week, that will be your true weight.
If you are sticking to plan, the weight will come off. Keep eating plenty of superfree and don't give up.
Don't get on the scales mid week if it's going to cause you to feel like this, it's not a true weight!

Keep going, don't let this put you off!


Now to maintain.....
You shouldnt weigh in inbetween....you fluctuate and change so much.
plus you had that flexi day the other day.....personally speaking i put on a good few lbs temporarily if i deviate slightly from plan...but then lose it all after a day or two back on.its all to do with bloating and water retention-blah,blah-i dont understand the science personally,lol but it happens.
carry on....do not weigh in between....keep the faith and all will be well on weigh day!!!!
Didn't you post the other day about having a Macdonalds meal which took you over your syns? I wouldn't really call that 'following the plan to the letter'.

As others have said it's unlikely you have gained 3lb in 2 days - I weigh at home daily (just out of interest really) and my weight can fluctuate by 5lb or so over the week. I still usually lose at the end of it though providing I have been on plan.

If you have had an off plan meal (e.g. MacDonalds) the scales can show a water retention type gain a day or two later.

If you have been good apart from that and you continue to be on plan until Tuesday there's no reason why you wont see a loss.


One day at a time, one step at a time
Right - I assume you are scale hopping??? if so stop right now. Our body weight fluctuates considerably daily. Take it from another scale hopper, this then disheartens us and we give in when had we stuck to plan, seen the week through, we most likely would have lost.

To prove my point just weigh yourself 3 times a day or somthing for 2 or 3 days and you will see what I mean.

I have stopped scale hopping as its disasterous.

PLEASE stick to plan sweetie, you can so do this. You were doing so so well and chances are you will lose at next weigh in. Yes you had a meal that wasn't on plan but we all do that. (hugs) you can do this you know.

Have you got a diary on here? If not I can't recommend it enough it helps keep me on track and everyone is so supportive and helpful xxxxx


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You know Slimming World ought to make us swear never to get on the scales apart from the weekly weigh in!
If you want to sabotage your weight loss carry on getting on those scales!

My skinny friend says her weight fluctuates by as much as 7lb, and only when it's consistently over her normal weight does she start to cut back!
Don't give up!! As others have said weighing yourself between groups can be disastrous. Plus your only at the start of your journey, it will take time for your body to get used to sticking to plan.
Don't give up!!! I made the mistake of scale hopping when I first started SW and was weighing myself at different times of day, wearing different clothes, on home scales which are ALWAYS different to the ones at group. My weight was sometimes half a stone heavier midweek but by weigh-in at group it was back down again. Use the group scales as your marker and stick with it honey xx


One day at a time, one step at a time
Thanks for all your replies, I am going to stick with it and hopefully i will see a weight loss or STS on the scales this week.

Good on you :D proud of you. If I can do it anyone can. Little steps. Take it a day at a time SW does work xx


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Well done you for deciding to stick to it!

Now, stay away from the scales!!! Or at least until your proper weigh in day.

If you are feeling guilty about that Maccy D's, increase your superfree and superspeed foods.

You can do it!

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