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realising why I considered WW to begin with...long sorry.


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Hi everyone

I was briefly using this section of the forum so a lot of you probably won't recognise me. I started off on SW...didn't do too well...went to WW, did well then gained and lost the same few lbs over and over so got disillusioned and SW started looking more tempting. Needless to say after giving SW a good run and sticking to it methodically I have gained 4.5lbs. No losses at all. Not even .5 of a lb. I did so much better than that on WW.

I have a membership to the WW online site that I have kept running just due to an oversight on my part. It's only costing me £10 a month due to signing up at that time and getting a special offer so it's well worth it I think. I need to get my head back in the game and finally realise that a 'diet' isn't what I need. It's a long term plan that I can commit to fully knowing that whether I eat out, eat in or fancy a chocolate bar I can handle it and live with it for good.

What are your best tips for making WW work for you? I have a good points allowance, 23, I want to make the absolute most of them and I know about making sure to drink enough water but do you have any tips that you think help speed things along? Massive amounts of pasta etc don't agree with me, I've found that out to my cost and no offence to anyone on SW, it's just not doable long term for me.

I think I've got my head in the right place about the plan I need to be on. I need to stop chopping and changing when the going gets rough and understand that a lb that comes and goes isn't the end of the world...4.5lbs is though lol especially with no losses at all.

Would really appreciate any advice from anyone that has a good knowledge of WW and how to get the absolute best from the plan.

Thanks xx
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Hi I've yoyoed off and on ww many times your not alone, I this time had a break fr
weightloss before I started tried rosmary con didn't work for me sw I can't do as can't eat huge portions and I have pcos so green days are a no as carbs make me gain so ww I knew worked just my comfort eating failed me.
So I read up on ww this time looked at what made it easier to stick to and go along the low gi foods they promote porridge wholemeal bread brown rice chicken turkey and I'm hardly hu
hungry. I do have times where I want to comfort eat I just use points to do it then end up with few so try not to as much. I'm not perfect I just know at 41 much more about myself than I did years ago only through yoyoing and what caused it, the reason I'm 100% and IRS incrediably hard for me at times is if I cheat or blip I stop completely so thus is the reason I try being 100% as I know I'll fail if not. I'd love to be someone who can have days off plan and get back on I think that's great but we are all different.

I think each of us has to work out how we can do this having days off or being 100.% there is no right or wrong way we are all the same most of us struggling at times.

Porridge is my saviour and greentea lol my guilty addiction is crisps ;)
Well done for finding a way to do this and we have all been there and will continue to muddle our way through weightloss xx


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thank you so much for the reply hun, I'm just recently getting into green tea, hated it at first but can bear it now lol, crisps are my downfall too, I changed to brown bread a while ago I don't eat much rice etc but don't dislike it so should really think about incorporating that into meals.

Congrats on your brilliant weightlosses! I would be delighted to do so well on it, well done you!


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Same here! I used to seriously detest brown bread but now white tastes funny lol. It's good to pick up decent habits though, fingers crossed I can pick up a lot more :)
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Hi, I have done WW a few times, and I get a bit like you do. I seem ok for a few days then start to worry I haven't calculated my points properly and therefore worry I have eaten too much, then thanks to a previous eating disorder I decide its better to not eat at all. That makes me sound a right basket case but I find I get like that on WW and SW, don't know why.
I have signed up to nutracheck and fingers crossed don't get obsessive about food on that.
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My 2 biggest tips are
1: write everything down. Keeping a track of my eating makes a huge difference as it'a easy to "forget" things you ate if you don't write it down.
2: find ways to make the foods you enjoy in a lighter version so you don't get tempted. eg.this weekend I was away with friends and we had decided to make a curry for Saturday supper and the guy nominated to do the cooking uses coconut milk AND evaporated milk in his curries (sounds weird but taste wonderful) anyway I offered to get some of the ingredients and bought loads of no point vegetables to add in and got lite coconut milk and 53% fat free evaporated milk. Needless to say no one noticed the difference and I enjoyed a curry with everyone else and didn't feel so guilty about it.


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Once you have you have set your mind to it, it will be easier. You need to have the right mental attitude to the life change IMO!

My big tip is, that your only human. Once in a while you may not feel like being good anymore, as long as your strong enough to get back on the wagon after its fine! I've been doing it since Jan 11th and i have been up and down but i've been on holiday ate what i wanted and although i enjoyed it im ready to get back to eating properly now!


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Hiya Bikiniqueen2b, your story is almost identical to mine, am just moving from SW to WW, have got all the tools, calculator, scales, books just setting a start date, do you fancy being my weight loss buddy? I am starting a diary on here and would love another WW'er to keep an eye on it. That goes for all of the WW's out there


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Hi Pammy :)

Would love to buddy up, I wouldn't be the best person to keep an eye on your diary as I don't have a great amount of knowledge about WW, learning as I go lol, but we can definitely motivate each other x

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