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Really annoyed with myself!!

Went to a Chinese restaurant in China Town for my friends birthday last night and I went with good intentions but I completely fell off the diet wagon.... AND I get weighed in an hour...!

Can't seem to go 1 weekend without nibbling on something and it is really getting me down. I am so close to my goal, and my willpower is disappearing fast.

I need to sort myself out and get the weight loss and get onto maintenance and stop messing about and wasting my own time, money and energy!

Think my CDC needs to have a serious word with me today. Really upset with myself.
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Must do it this time
sorry hun i dont think theres alot that you can do to rectify the situation as you get weighed in an hour.
you will just have to hope to stay the same and if not take it as a good kick up the backside and to not do it again,
let us know how you geton ok,
elaine x
Your doing really well, don't beat yourself up over 1 meal, You can have a go at me if you like instead, I drank a full bottle of red wine on an empty stomach! Slept well, but regretting it this morning. Back on track now, and I'm sure you are to.
Good luck at the weigh in..


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi :)

I know it probably won't help to say, don't beat yourself up about this BUT its done now, isn't it? If you have had a really good week apart from last night, then you may still have a great result today :)

I think you've hit the nail on the head when you say you need to have a talk with your CDC and work out some strategies for dealing with weekend nibbling.

Best wishes to you and try not to be too down about it. That only leads to more nibbling usually,

Lacey..xx :D


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Put it down to celebrating the end of the Mini September Challenge.

Now get back on board for the continued October Mini Challenge:wave_cry:
Need you to stay on board, couldn't have gotten so far without you.
Oh thank you so much for all of your kind words! I lost 2lbs so I am AMAZED at that! Percy - a whole bottle of red wine on an empty stomach... Dear me, bet your head is hurting a little today!

My CDC was fabulous - she sat down with me and we talked for a whole hour and has really inspired me to keep going and put yesterday behind me. Nibbles - don't you worry - I am not going anywhere!! October challenge here we come :)

Thank you all so much, this morning I was completely in tears when I wrote my post but now you have all given me a massive grin and made me feel so much better. What would I do without you guys eh?!

Right, I'm off to start an October mini challenge thread (if it hasn't already been done already).

Thanks again guys - you truly are the best!


Trying to stay healthy!
hey Ruth, well done on your 2lbs!! that's fab!!



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well done ruth thats good news!...xx
Ive always said, you have to have a little fun or you will lose the will to carry on,
Ive just been on long weekend away and put on 4lb but lost them and hopefully more by my offical weigh in.
Well done for you 2lb loss,

I know I would have found it difficult to resist a chinese meal, was just telling my work collegues that I am craving that very thing. So I think you are very good for going out and socialising, I am keeping myself locked away from temtation at the moment untill at least middle December else I will blow it. So well done on the 2lb that proves you were real good till that point and now you are back on track.
Love Sharon

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