Really bad week this week

Sweet Cheeks

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Well ive had a relly bad week this week ive done nothing but pick at food its not like im having loads of food but i just keep picking like tonight ive picked at some sushi :break_diet: I think the main reason is ive started a new job and its funny shifts so im just not organised at all

I just hope ive not completely messed this week up (weigh in is friday) i only wanted to keep going for another two weeks and then start refeed for xmas and go back on in the new year

Why do we do these things to ourselves? we never feel better after having it
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aw hon cheer up,we all have bad days,try distract yourself from food,im not sure if it will effect your losses because i dont know the quantity of food you had,but i did cheat once or twice myself.dont beat yourself up,just get back on it,tommorow s a new day.lots of lt coffee and water all the way lol,good luck::superwoman:

Sweet Cheeks

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Aww thanks ive not eaten much its just a pick here and a pick there so fingers crossed it wnt affect my loss too much xx


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ah hun sorry to hear about your little blips but to be honest I'd say we have all had our fair share of some of those. The best thing to do is put it all behind ya and ya will be fine, I dont think ya would have done much harm if any and just get yourself back on the wagon again, gud luck for friday and dont dwell on it.


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Im sure you will be fine hun, just put it behind you and stay motivated you can do this xx


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hiya I know the feeling do you think its cos its been blooody freezing this week I have nibbled every day and luckily have maintained this week but I need to stop this any ideas would be greatly appreceiated
keep smiling we can all do this


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I'm sorry that your having a rough time on the diet sweetcheeks. It is such a hard thing to abstain from eating completely! At the time you think you've just GOT to have it, after you have eaten it you beat yourself up with guilt and wish you hadn't! A couple of weeks ago I had a piece of chicken from KFC, the family were having a treat and I pinched a bit! It wasn't as good as I had imagined it to be and got straight back on the wagon....I only managed to lose 2lb that week but it was still a loss!
Keep Smiling....x


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We are only human Sweet Cheeks so put it out of your mind and keep it going. Good luck.


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Don't beat yourself up hun. It's not the end of the world and as you said you haven't had much anyway. Good luck for your WI. :) x


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Good luck for friday...just stay strong,you can do this!!! Caz xx