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Extra Easy REALLY Bloated!!!!

Hello All! Just wondered if anyone could help! I'm currently doing EE. Lost 10lbs the first week, last week I only 1/2lb and I've got weigh in tomorrow. The thing is that I feel SO bloated today! I can't possibly see how I'm going to lose weight this week, I feel huge!!

Is there something that I'm doing wrong?! PLease help as I'm feeling a little disheartened! :(
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there are a few things it could be . Is it time of the month ? as you will retain water . what sort of carbs have you been eating ?? I bloat really badly if I eat bread , white pasta or rice and too much potato , I stick to wholemeal pasta and rice and sweet potatoes instead of normal ones when I can
the biggest thing that will make you bloat is not drinking enough water . The less water you drink , the more you retain , so I would say up your water intake to at least 2.5 - 3 litres and see if you feel any better .

Hope this helps and you feel better soon x
Thanks ladies! I've had ALOT of fruit this week as I've not been very prepared with lunches and so I've been eating fruit salad all week. DO you think this might be the reason?!

I've realised that I need to start drinking more water so I'm trying to more now! I REALLY hope that this week works as I'm feeling a bit disheartened at the moment :(


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well done for an amazing 10lb loss!! its helish when you are bloated b4 weigh in, fruit rely bloats me but as it is just wind it tends not to effect the scales too much!!good luck!! :eek:
Thanks! It's so nice to have some support and to know I'm not doing something wrong. Going to have a bit of a day off from fruit tomorrow and stick with veg maybe! Just hoping I have a good loss tomorrow!
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Me too, although I do mainly green so if the pasta, rice, potatoe is to blame I'm screwed!

I'll try more water too and see how it goes.

10lbs is amazing, well done and good luck :)


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Don't feel down if your losses are not what you might have liked thisd week. After a 10lb loss in a single week it would not be surprising to little or no loss the following week. But even if this does happen, it will soon get moving again.
thanks! Lost 1lb again tonight so a little disheartened still! Hoping for a better loss next week so REALLY going to go for it this week!!


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thanks! Lost 1lb again tonight so a little disheartened still! Hoping for a better loss next week so REALLY going to go for it this week!!
11 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks should not be disheartening! A good average loss is 1 lb a week, so this should have taken you 3 months, not 3 weeks! Your weight is going down and that's the important thing.

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