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Green Days really craving something sweet, but not fruit


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Get a block of that 70% coco stuff, a small bit is nice and satisfying but you litterally cant eat to much as it starts to tast a bit like dirt, Co-op had it on offer for 80p the other week and I still have half a bar left from the beginning of January. Its quite nice if you suck it or great it over some low fat frozen yougert :)


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that sounds nice but its so hard, there are egg custards in the fridge i dont even like them i just want one because i want sweet stuff!!! any suggestions of stuff ican make? i have splenda.... lol i should maybe just eat that!


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I always have two finger kit kats in for those moments as they are only 5.5 syns or mini twister ice lollies at 2 syns each x


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I second sweetened quark or FF yogurt /fromage frais with Highlights/options,


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I know you're probably not about to rush out to a supermarket or shop at this time, but I invested in a box of Minimilk lollies today and had one after dinner! I can't get over the fact that they're only 1.5 syns each! They're so creamy and yummy and really hit the spot!!X


Got To Keep Counting :D
wow thats amazing that there only 1.5 syns! i must admit going into the chat room on here last night took my mind off the chocolate and didnt eat anything sweet wooo. But i will keep all these ideas in my diary!


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I like the Skinny Cow triple chocolate ice cream lollies. Only 4.5syns :)
Same for the mint ones too.


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They are 3 in a pack and they are reduced to £1 in ASDA at the mo. I bought some the other day :)