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Really dissapointed - don't want to go WI

I have my WI tonight at 6 and have had a 100% week, I justg weighed myself on my scales at home (i know i shudn't) and they say that I have gained 3.5lbs, they always say the same as the scales in the class and I always weigh myself before WI and they show the same loss/gain as the scales in my class. I can't understand how I have gained this much it is not * week or anything so really don't know why. I don't konw if I want to go to WI tonight now as I already know that I have gained but cant understand why. :cry::confused: :cry:
sorry for ranting on
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Hy Becka
Looking at your results you have done really well. Amazing weight loss.

Don't go to a slimming club, but I know you may be missing out if you don't go. I think the support of people there, they may say that this is normal.

Have you been doing any heavy exercising to gain muscle instead.

Good luck with your decision but think the overall opinion would be that you go and get the support that you are paying for.

Well done on your losses so far

Rosie x

Throw away your scales (in my opinion - they do more harm then good!)

I eamiled my consultant feeling just like you a few weeks ago and glad i went to class as lost 2.5lbs. If you have gained you know how much and what you need to lose again, plus a quick chat with your C might throw up a reason (last year at another class i'd gained and it was hot weather i'd drank loads of diet coke, the following week i ate the same, drank water as suggested and lost 5.5lbs)

Here's hoping you do go xxxxx ((((hugs))))
I am going to go weigh in because as I have gained I will now be more determined to lose next week. I have been drinking quite a few soft diet drinks due to the hot weather so maybe this is the cause of my gain, my consultant is on holiday but may have a word with my relief consultant see what she thinks.


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You know what - SW should make it compulsory that you have to hand in your scales when you join!

Trust me - you are unlikely to have put on 3lbs for no reason at all. To lose even 1lb of weight you have to expend 3500 more calories than you consume. So 3lb is a lot of calories!

On the question of exercising, it is true that a sudden increase in activity levels can sometimes lead to a temporary weight gain from water retention. This does resolve itself and exercise is a great way of ensuring sustained weight losses.


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dont get on your scales, i thought i had had a bad week this week,was tired and fed up and got on my scales and had put on! i decided i wasnt going, but half hr before class i thought no i going even if i need a kick up the backside !! i went and lost weight got my club ten and was slimmer of the week !! so u never kno , hope you get on ok xxxx
Firstly congratulations on your loss so far you are doing fantastic!!

I am so glad to see you have decided to go to WI, I think its the right decision, I knew that I had gained this week and was considering not going but in the end I went, I think the thought of it is worse sometimes as once you're there its never so bad.
I hope your WI goes well, you may be surprised, or if you do gain at least you can speak to the consultant and get tips off others as I know at my group lots of people who find they gain on an odd week for no apparent reason. I know its happened to me before and its so frustrating, I suppose our bodies can just be funny like that sometimes.
Tomorrow is the start of a new week, stick to plan again and I'm sure it'll show next week! Good luck hun x
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Im glad to hear your going hun, let us know how you get on.. i think youl be fine, and maybe even pleasently suprised.. and if not, dont worry.. youl shift it in no time. If your drinking soft drinks that arnt suger free they are high-synned.. so keep an eye on that ..

*hugs* xxxx
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well? how did you do? I know lol im not a SW'er......but im interested!!! xxxx
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So how did it go?? I think we have all been there at some point, mine only a couple of weeks ago. Fingers crossed for you.
Ditto everyone else hun, how did it go?? xx
sorry haven't had a chance to get online till now well I gained 2lbs, my relief consultant said that as I had stuck to the plan all week it could be something to do with the fact i'm 16 and still growing, also although they are diet soft drinks I am going to cut them out this week and see how I get on and up my exercise.
I have also got rid of the scales as I don't think they help.
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Good one on getting rid of your scales, sometimes they do more harm than good! Your consutant is probably right hun, and you will shed that 2lb in no time, look how well you have done!


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Glad you went!!!! See the scales did lie anyway!!! After all you have lost to put on 2lb is REALLY not the end of the world, just carry on and u might be pleasently suprised next week! xxxx

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