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really don't want to go...

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I have a x-mas meal to go to tomorrow night.
I really don't feel like going as they let me go today ( told me 2 weeks ago so not a shock ).
It's nice of them to still let me go despite the circumstances, but I really don't want to go off plan for a meal and a few drinks ( diet cola, I'm virtually teetotal ) with a bunch of people it's unlikely I'll ever see again..
I sort of have to go since I'm someones ride and we arranged it all about a month ago...
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Personally I would just explain to the person you are giving a lift to how you feel and not go. I would feel exactly the same, sure they would understand in the circumstances.
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Well, it's tought, I know (I just got made redundant on the 15th), did you have to preorder your meal or can you order on the spot? What about a dish like grilled salmon/chicken with salad and baked potatoe.

Why not see it as an evening out - maybe imagine you're on a come dine with me and score them all at the end of the night when you get home! :p
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I probably wouldnt go either to be honest. Do what u think is right and dont worry about it x
Firstly, soz about the job :cry: If you really don't fancy going, then don't! I personally wouldn't have a good enough time to justify if I didn't feel like going. If it doesn't involve losing any pennies or you don't mind if you do, then best to do something that you really WANT to do. If you feel guilty about the lift, what about a compromise - take them but let them know they'll have to make other arrangements for the return journey.
I would have spoke to the person you were being taxi for and see if they can make alternative arrangements - and then cancel your place on the meal if they can, which i am sure they will.


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Sorry to hear about your job. Have you got anything lined up??

Just speak to the person you were suppose give a lift to & see if they can make alternative arrangements. X


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I personally wouldn't go if I didn't fancy going - and like you say, you probably won't see them all again anyway. Hope you find something soon.

Gilly x
S: 33st5.5lb C: 19st11lb G: 16st9lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 13st8.5lb(40.75%)
They're a good bunch and it's a free meal ( cash wise anyway.. probably about 40 syns for all I know.. ).
I'm not a big socialising person anyway ( more than likely due to being self concious about my weight.. ) so I would only be having a night in front of the telly as an alternative.
I probably won't stop all night drinking with them anyway ( can't afford it now :) ) as I don't drink except on holiday and at x-mas at moms....
If they want to stop on then they'll have to get a taxi back anyway..
I don't hold a grudge about the job, I knew it was temp when I went into it.
you never know, they might have a farewell surprise for you tomorrow night! Although if it's a box of chocs it might not be the best for SW!!!
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Go with what your heart tells you. I am a great believer in gut feeling,

hope you have a fantastic job waiting for you

hugs xxxx

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