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    Does anyone else feel like their taking their life day by day? I'm so fed up at the moment that I'm focusing on each day as it comes. I've pretty much stopped going to lectures currently because i don't have the energy and just stay in bed with my head under the covers. My OH is quite concerned that its the SS thing thats making me down. I never used to be like this.

    Every time i think of ordering that small dominoes pizza with light cheese i feel bad so don't. Last night i thought of having soup today, but i went downstairs to cook it, but just couldn't do it. I'm sick of this diet but sick of feeling fat at a uni full of skinny girls.:cry:
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    Aww hun .... big hugs to you :hug99:

    What you need is some positivity. Personally I find that if I wallow in bed and hide from the world I feel crap about everything. Best thing for me is to jump out of bed, keep myself occupied and tackle the day head on. Staying in bed for me just makes things worse and then they become a great big scarey dragon to deal with.

    How about a nice long hot soak in the bath to cheer you up, lots of yummy lotions/potions to pamper yourself, followed by that soup? And stop comparing yourself to the so-called skinny girls. It's you and you alone who counts and comparing yourself to that isn't productive.

    Focus on the positives and it will start to get better xxx
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    Hi tarlton,

    If your not drinking enough water you can get tired.

    I Know you felt disappointed with your weight loss this week, but 10lbs. in two weeks is very good and your only 4lbs. away from losing your first stone.

    Eating pizza is not the thing to do, it might feel wonderful when eating it, but once it is gone your back to square one again and worse as it will be that much harder to get back on the wagon once you have gorged on carbs and the 10lbs you have lost could be back on within a couple of days.

    Are you feeling bad because it is totm?

    Missing your comfort food?

    Feeling scared that you won't lose the weight?

    Or just feeling SSing is not for you?

    You could move up a plan to 790 which allows a decent portion of protein and veggies and you can still lose weight and stay in ketosis.

    Whatever you decide talk to your CDC as she will best be able to advice you.

    If you decide to come off the diet, you still need to reintroduce food in the right order and your CDC will help you, so that the 10lbs. lost stays off.

    I hope your feeling better soon.[​IMG]

    Love Mini xxx
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    Aww Tarlton, Huge Hugs coming your way.

    Right, first things first...get out of bed and have a bath or shower and have some time to you. Secondly, get dressed and go for a walk to clear your head. Don't think about the diet, lectures or anything else that is worrying you at the moment.

    I ate rubbish at the weekend and believe me at the time you convince yourself that your body needs it and then afterwards you beat yourself up over it. That and the fact that you may suffer a really horrible tummy ache like I did, is that really worth throwing all your efforts away for? Not only that, but I wasted most of it as the portions were huge!! Waste of money and a huge disappointment with myself later and I am back SS.

    I suffered years ago with depression and thought that my life wasn't worth anything - no one would miss me if I wasn't there etc...then I managed to claw my way back and realised that I had loved ones there for support, if only I shared what I was going through with them, it wouldn't have got to the stage that it did.

    You need to decide what you want to do and only you can make that decision.

    Good luck Hun and email me at anytime.


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  6. Vicx

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    :flowers:Sending you some flowers to cheer you up hun! Bug hugs!!
    Speaking from experience that pizza is not going to taste any where near as good as you think it will - trust me I fell off on Sunday and ate one - I'd been dreaming about it all week. It so didn't taste nice at all and I felt dreadful for hours and hours. Before I went on CD I used to looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeee pizza - honestly I'd sell me granny for one I loved um that much but now - honestly I'd rather stick to the CD - lose the weight once and for all and then enjoy it as a food rather than an the drug of choice that it is for me at the moment. Stay strong - you will feel better in just a short few hours. Lots of luck Vxxx
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  7. Angelchops

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    I can only echo what the others have said but here is a bit hug for you:grouphugg:

    Me time is really important. Perhaps watch a feel-good film, or read a favourite book, or maybe put your boots and coat on and have a kick through the autumn leaves - you'll come back feeling rosy cheeked and energised.

    I haven't been doing this very long, but in the first few weeks I kept telling myself that if I could do it for 21 days i'd be fine. This is because I was told it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, and it does seem to be true.

    Good luck. I'm thinking of you.
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  8. Gill-cdthing

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    this diet is hard emotionally, and even though i have done it before i still get down days, you arent alone, and its not you, but do try and get out of bed and go for a walk in the park or somewhere, do anything that makes you feel good, and good luck i hope it passes,
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  9. Sweetpea

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    Big hugs to you. At least you came on here and asked for support so that's something good that you've done. Never keep these feelings to yourself - I'm sure there'll always be someone around who can help you or who's been in the same boat. I was really scared when I first read your post - I thought you meant that every day you thought about taking your life!

    The energy thing could be to do with being on SS - I know I was really tired for about 6 weeks and sometimes now if I walk upstairs, go back downstairs for my elderly dog and then carry her up, I can feel totally exhausted. I know it sounds ridiculous but that's how it is.

    You shouldn't compare yourself to others - you never know they might be thinking that they wish they could be as clever aqs you, or have your complexion or hair or something. We always tend to see ourselves in the worst possible light.

    As others have said have a nice soak in the bath, perhaps paint your nails, do yor make-up and have a walk to clear the cobwebs away and you might feel better.

    Maybe go on to the 790 plan so that you don't feel too deprived of food for a couple of weeks and then see if you want to go back onto SSing later.

    If it has only been since the diet then I'm sure it will pass soon but if you think you may have clinical depression might be worth having a chat to your GP.

    If you think you're living one day at a time try breaking the spell and planning a couple of things a few days ahead - just simple things. It might help motivate you!

    Best wishes
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  10. tarlton

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    Thanks for advice. Its my TOTM so i think hormones are getting to me. I havent cheated cause i dont think its worth it. PLus when i do go to cheat i cant actually do it. I did get out of bed ages ago to do housework (but it distracted me). Yet to have that bath with one of the £20 worth of Lush stuff i bought a couple of weeks ago. OH is out tonight as usually feel better with a few hugs from him, but will just have to make do with my star shaped hot water bottle! I'll keep you informed as to how i'm doing tomorrow.

    I'd never even dream of taking my own life - so please dont worry there.[/COLOR]
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