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Extra Easy Really finding it difficult at the minute

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Hi all slimmers, :wave_cry:

Been a slimming world member now for about 8 wks and all was goin great until 2 wks ago. I lost 5 pounds in my first 6 wks (which is good for me) then last wk i maintained and tonight i have put on 2lb.
I have my snacks and breakfasts' in order but tea time i'm struggling, i absolutely hate cooking with a passion, never knew how to even turn my cooker on till my partner showed me 8 wks ago, i have taken on the role of the cook to do healthy meals as my partner doesn't understand about how to cook slimming world style and has no interest to learn, he keeps saying whats the point your gorgeous as you are :p.
I feel like i've just had enough with starting my meals from scratch or copying from a recipe every night (does anybody have any easy, rememerable meal ideas).
I suppose i am just looking for some inspiration from members with the same attitude as me to get me back on track

Hellooo are you out there lool
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Hi Hun, I went off track a little recently as I just wanted quick foods!! The easiest thing I have is egg and chips I hate beans so have a Damascus my 1/3 superfree

All you do is chip your potatoes
Either par boil them or I bung them in a jug and blast them in microwave for a few mins til they starting to soften then put them on a greased baking try and spray fry light on them and cook til crisp
Cook Egg in fry light in frying pan add your baked beans

Or spag bol is another fav erm chicken breast with a pk of microwaved veg and boiled pots shepherds pie with added carrots turnip or whatever veg you like
There's loads of simple things that take minutes to make

Good luck with your journey and remember to note everything down syns creep in where you least expect them


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It depends if you are a canivore or not.

Tonight I did not want to cook so I dug out the Quorn Mince and frozen veg. Poured Frozen Onion, Sweetcorn, Pepper and Baby Carrots in a Casserole dish. Added some quorn mince, beef stock and some Worcestershire sauce. Bunged it in the oven for 20-30 mins until the mince was soft and heated through. Then I made up some smash (added some Syned Extra Light Flora), Whacked it on top. It's in the oven now. When it's nearly done I'l whack my HEa Cathedral City Lighter on top and shove it back in for ten minutes.

Et Voila... It's longer than some meal but involves whacking a load of stuff in a casserole dish and leaving it pretty much.

Another favourite of mine although you have to measure still so a bit more faffing... is the Tex Mex Rice Bake which also involves bunging it all in a casserole dish and waiting...

1 295g Tin of WW Chicken Soup (Or stock if you want a free dinner)
225g Salsa (Homemade is better as salsa is 0.5 syns per tbsp) (Rough homemade Salsa mix: half a tin of chopped tomatoes, Some onion, Coriander, Garlic, and Cayenne Pepper and Cumin (Spices to taste but start with a tsp)) You don't have to premix it though, just shove it all in the casserole dish.
Jalapenos (According to taste)
120ml Water
140g Long Grain Rice
HEa Cheese
(Chicken Breast Optional & Paprika)

Whack it all in a shallow baking dish and mix (Not the chicken). Rub Paprika into Chicken and Lay on top of mixture if using.

Shove in Oven at 190 degrees Gas Mark 5 for 45 minutes or until Rice/Chicken is cooked. Add Cheese for final 5-10 minutes. YUM!


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S: 14st5.5lb C: 13st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st0lb(6.95%)
Oh and I've added Quorn Chicken Style pieces into the Tex Mex Bake. I just added the tiniest bit more water and it turned out fine that way too.
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if you cant be bothered to do a load of cooking at night, would it be easier for you to have a cooking after noon and freeze meals for the week? things like chilli, caseroles etc are really good to freeze then you only need to bung some rice etc in

hope this helps


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Or invest in a slow cooker - bung everything into it in the morning and voila a fully cooked meal when you walkin the door at night - soups, curries, stews, chilli, baked potatoes - whatever takes you fancy. Easy peasy!
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Jacket potatoes are really easy to cook and there are lots of simple fillings to put with them, and mash is so easy too (less faffy than SW chips and yummy with sausages and beans)

Then there's stir frys which are pretty straight forward.

Fish is really easy to cook in the oven in little foil parcels.

And then there's always ready made things like Iceland beef in gravy and chicken in gravy which you can just have with veg.

Good luck xx
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Some days I really cant be bothered to cook either so just bung in a jacket potato, add beans & cheese to this with a salad. But have found that if I want to do a curry, chilli or spag bol I make a big pan full and freeze them - then when i fancy an easy cooking day just take it out the night before then just add rice or spaghetti or salad - easy peasy xx
A good quick receipe is the Chicken, Potato and Spinach curry in one of the receipe books. Its got about 4 ingredients and freezes well.

Brown Chicken thighes or breast with some onion. Add bite sized pieces of potato and spinach (I use frozen as its easier - 4-5 blocks for 2 of us). Add 2 tablespoons of medium curry power and enough water to cover. Chuck the lid on and leave it for 15-20 mins, stir occasionally.

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Hey hun, have you looked on the SW website? There's a student section on there with some quick, easy SW meals - obviously they're not suggesting that all students can't/won't cook but it may be a starting point and may be helpful for someone that's not done a lot of cooking before xxx

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