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Really flagging today......


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Been so tired at work today, felt really tired since about 11.30!

Am missing tea so much, I hate it black and wondered if a tiny bit of skimmed milk would hurt much?

I might try it week after next.

Feeling fed up, dont even want my shakes (have had 2 packs today though) my body wants FOOOOOOOOOD! Am not going to give in though.

Will feel ok when I get home. Hope I feel more alive tomorrow!
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Want to be a yummy mummy!
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Ditto my dear - i thought my flaggin nature was due to lack of water - so ive flooded myself with 4 lt or the stuff (thought it was a 1.5 ltr bottle its actually a 2) and now i feel bloated tired and wobbly- rubbish!!


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My CDC allows skimmed milk on SS. Although I don't have it as I have my coffee black. Maybe it's worth asking your counsellor?
lauren got your email, ill reply in a bit! hold on in there... it will be worth it!!!!!!!

my cdc said i could have skimmed milk if i wanted and didn't drink gallons of the stuff
hang in there chuck it'll be worth it x


WILL be Slim!
you tried having herbal tea instead hun?
If in doubt, speak to your CDC....but speak to her/him before you do anything just so they know what your planning!
dont give into those food cravings hun! dont let it beat you now!



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I have 1 cup of tea a day with skimmed milk in it-it works out about 150ml for the whole weel and it hasn't affected my losses. Good luck x
my last restart I felt the same way however for me it was a slippery slope and the losses were quickly affected. Talk to ur cdc and if u kno thats the only addition you will make it might be worth it. I have switched now to redbush tea or green tea with mint and it has really helped me to stay on track!

Good luck


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Unreal - I know this sounds just revolting - my reaction was URGH! But it really is not as bad as it sounds.
Mix 1 tbsp of vanilla shake to a little water to make a milk substitue, and add to your tea. It's just like having a cup of tea with milk. Do give it a go. It may just make those cups of tea you've been craving!
I make tea and coffee throughout the day with the vanilla shake. Keeps me going and fills me up.

Hugs x x x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
My reaction to that is certainly urgh! Does it taste of vanilla!?

I feel soooo much better this evening, I had a choc mint shake which was nice, have drunk about 4lt of water today and feel a bit more awake as the MIL has been round and it was just something different to put my mind on, I made them dinner whilst I had my shake and now its half 8, I feel better.

Plus just found my tiffany ring and it fits again so im happy!!!

Thanks girls - I am going to get some marigold tomorrow and also get some green tea see if i like it x
hate green tea on its own have to have the one with mint!


Going for Goal!
My reaction to that is certainly urgh! Does it taste of vanilla!?
Not at all! It's slightly sweet - so like having a sugar in the tea, having said that it's also quite creamy.

At weekends, I sit of an evening with a pot of tea and vanilla shake, and I pour a bit of the shake into the bottom of my cup, then top up with brewed tea! I end up having about 5/6 cups - VERY filling and lovely.

I'm a real tea belly.

My CDC also said you can do it with banana, as it makes more creamy tea, rather than sweet. I tried it (couldn't taste the banana - but could smell it!) it was quite creamy/milky tasting, so I have stuck with the vanilla because normally I have 1 sweetner in my tea. ;)

HUgs x x x

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