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Really getting me down :(

Hey guys thanks for lookin at this thread, i just have a question that ive wanted 2 know the answer to for ages..i have a jelly belly (c section and putting on and losing weight) and the thing is it kinda sticks out now. i have no idea why :confused: its like a little baby bump :mad: i do sit ups and toning exercises every single day and have done for the past 4 ish months and at the top of my stomach u can see my abs sort of appearing but the bottom just sticks out :cry:
im going to the doctors about it soon cos im getting really down about it, its the first tihng i think about in the morning, thats bad isnt it!
and i just stick to wearing the same clothes every day cos i dont want ppl to see my belly :cry: sorry for rambling i hope somebody can help, thanks for listening! :) xxx
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Hiya.sorry Im not much help here but didn't want to just read and leave.
I can only imagine how you feel as.i dislike my belly too.also have two children but mine has still weight in it.
The skin dies stretch and i don't think it goes back fully to previous for anyone even those who weren't big.
Doctors might be able to help, if its not just loose skin that didn't go back to own shape if u know what i mean.
The only thing i can say its that you got a lovely child out of it and i wouldn't swap my body if i couldn't have my children without it.
For me its also stretchmarks and even As a size 8 won't have a bikini body.
Keep your chin up and hopefully someone will have some advise.
thankyou hunni thats very sweet and very true about having my little girl :) i am going to go doctors, i just hope theres something they can do :) thankyou for taking the time to reply! xxxx
Let us know how you get on at the doctors, i'm sure most of us think of our stomachs as the worst place where the weight sticks, me included!
thankyou lovey! i will post on here when i have been to the docs,im nervous, but have no idea why, i guess its just getting my belly out in front of someone! lol xxx
No problem we all have something.i better not even start.pregnancy changes us so much and things are irreversible. But at least we got our children to make up for it with their smiles,silly things they say and do plus kisses and cuddles .

Have you been to docs yet?
hiya no not been docs yet, been exercising quite crazy this week and not doing so many sit ups and it seems to have eased a litte ?? lol but i will still be going to docs 2 ask for a referral :) and yes children really do make up for it your right :) xxx
Hi Juicy, sorry to hi-jack your thread!

Yesterday, my Son & I got caught in a torrential downpour so dived into the local Library for shelter! He immediately got ALL the Rugby books out of the Sports section, stretched out on the floor & started to read them :d'oh: so, i disowned him! & went off to look at the Healthy Foods books in the Health section:)

There were two books there that caught my eye, "Fab Abs" by Anita Bean & "From Belly Fat to Belly Flat" by Dr C W Randolph.

The first one has some great tips & a Six Week workout which i am definately going to do, great book! Some of the exercises use a gym ball which i had never thought of getting to exercise with, but reading about them, it makes sense, using your abs to balance with & great for back sufferers too (which includes me)! Off to Argos this morning!!

The second one is more complex & i will probably just skim through it sometime at the weekend & make some notes.

If i find anything of interest, i will post it here ..
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Hope all goes ok with the doctor. I read this last week and it may prove helpful for you. They have a little section on the mummy tummy (if that's the type you have, I'm just being presumptious as you mentioned C-Sections!). In which case STOP doing your sit ups - have a look at the article for more info :) I'm the little pooch XD

How to tame your tum: Is yours a spare tyre or a stress bulge? | Mail Online

thankyou so much for this article- thats what my partner said it could be actually, i am definatley a pooch! so irritating as i dont have any major issues with my body altogether but my belly i hate!! still have far too much saggy skin there tho so going to try and get refferred for a tummy tuck (wishful thinking) lol but its really helped looking at that, im going to start doing press ups and planks instead of crunches and sit ups etc etc , so thankyou :) xxxx

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