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Really hope this works.....dont want to be the fat friend....

Well guys, thought it might be a good idea to get something like this up on line - no where to hide and means I can get the encouragement and kick up the backside from some like minded people!

My weight has yoyo'd for the last 10 years and if I had £1 for everytime I had joined WW i would be one rich lady.

Im sick of it affecting so many aspects of my life i.e going out, shopping, general activies that i decided something needed to be done.

So I decided to give slimming world a shot as i had tried everything else and failed.

I joined on Monday and so far so good.

My eating plan for today goes like this:

B: Melon

L: 2 x Warburtons Brown Bread HeXB
2 poached eggs
Turkey Rashers
2 x apples

D: Spag Bol made with Extra lean beef mince

S: Malteser Bunny (8 syns)

Hopefully that sounds ok, so nervous for weigh in on Monday.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend :)
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Hi and welcome to slimming world, I totally understand what you are saying about re-starting diets I have been on a wide range of diets on and off for about ten years as well, I joined sw about four years ago and lost around three stones and due to it causing problems in my then relationship( he said he did not find me attractive anymore since I started losing weight) I quit going. Needless to say he has been booted out of my life and have now joined slimming world back. Good luck with sw, and update on your weight loss on Monday
Morning everyone.

Well i dont know if its just me but i seem to wake up hungry on this diet, i certainly dont go to bed that way, its strange, does anyone else find this?

Yesterday I ended up having a few small hiccups with my eating, my sister and her family were over and needless to say all the goodies came out, i managed to avoid then all bar some haribo and another maltesers bunny (im addicted to those things) So im just going to cut back on my sins today and tomorrow to make up for it.

My eating plan for today goes like this

B: 2 x warburton bread HeXB

L: Not sure yet - any ideas?

D: Spag bol (made a big batch of it last night
Laughing Cow Extra Light Cheese HeXA

S: Apple

I really hope ive lost something tomorrow. I really have no idea what the scales will say because i made my friend take my scales from the house away cause i was constantly on an off them every day.

Fingers crossed :) xxx
Just read your menu and it looks fine to me, the only thing is, on your hex b it is two slices of whole meal bread from a 400g loaf, am sure you know that but just wanted to check. Good luck for Monday, I am hoping that you see a loss,with regards to waking up hungry, I only get that when I have my dinner real early or I eat a small portion, so maybe have some fruit or fat free yoghurt before you go to bed.
I have loads to lose, at the moment I have around eight stone to lose, it seems quite a long way so I have broken it down into half a stone targets and it seems more manageable this way. How about you?
yes i have two slices, wish it was more lol

I think thats maybe the case, I never had dinner until about 7 last night however it was only a small portion, think i might take your idea up of fruit later.

At the moment, ive set myself a target to loose 4 stone. Will see what its like when i get there so possibly 5 in total. Seems like such a big amount but like you say going to break it down to 5lbs at a time for me.

Have you been doing Slimming World for long?x
well today has gone to plan so far, added the following into my eating also:

L: Baked Potato, chicken, peppers, sweetcorn, onions, Extra Light Mayo 3tbsp (3 syns)A

Onion Rings ( 5.5 syns)
Freddo ( 5 syns)

So all good i think,

Got weigh in tomorrow night, so nervous so im really hoping for a loss of some sort.

Going to sort my eating out for dinner and plan on the following:

B: 2 x Warburton bread HeXB

S: Grapes & Apple

L: Chicken, pasta, sweetcorn, onion, sweetcorn, Extra Light Mayo (2 syns)
Velvet Crunch Crisps (4 syns)

Weigh in

D: steak, slimming world chips, peppers, onions, peppercorn sauce ( 2 syns)

S: Freddo (5 syns)

Hopefully all goes to plan will keep you updated on weigh in :) xxx
Well went to weigh in last night and glad to report i lost 3lbs! was over the moon, slimming world really does work :)

So aiming for a loss of 2lbs this week and my eating plan goes something like this:

B: Banana
2 x warburton Bread - HeXB

S: Grapes

L: Baked Potato
3 x Laughing Cow Light Cheese Triangles HeXA

S: Quavers 5.5 syns

D: Beef Steak
Peppers, onions
Baby Potatoes

S: HiFi Light Bar - 3 syns

Fingers crossed I stick to it :) xxx
Woohoo congrats on the weight loss, keep up the good work, apart of me doesn't want to go to mine tomorrow as have been a naughty girl and I know it will show on the scale, to answer your previous message I have been going since 9th of January and am taking the scenic route on my loss and have lost eight pounds till then. Good luck for the upcoming week.
awe thanks Rose-Anna, i was so happy. Thats still a fantastic weight loss, its better off than on so keep up the good work. :) xx
Well yesterday my eating plan was slightly our as I ended up making the sticky chicken from the Slimming World website and OMG it was delicious defo worth the couple of syns it had in it.

So, todays eating plan goes like this:

B: grapes
1 x brown bread 1/2 of HeXB

L: Savory chicken rice

D: Ham
Boiled potatoes
Green Beans

S: Qauvers 5.5 syns
Hi-Fi bar (1/2 of HexB)

Total Syns - 5.5

Heres hoping it goes to plan :) xxx
Well went to weigh in last night and stayed the same, bit gutted but better than putting on.

Its my 30th Birthday on saturday so going to try and have as little syns as possible this week and use them then.

So my eating for today goes like this:

B: 1 x warburton bread (1/2 HeXB)

S: Melon

L: Spag Bol

S: HiFi Bar (1/2 HeXB)

D: Chicken
Baby Potatos

1 x hour Body Combat


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