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really into it, but feel guilty!

hi all, just wondered if any oine feeks the same as me, i have been eating healthy all week and have had my treats but today i have hardly eaten anything (been doing the garden all day) i came in and had my dinner and realised i still had 9pts leftover so make wwchoc pub and lf custard but felt really guilty like i shouldnt be eating it. i know it sounds silly coz i know im entitlled to it if i have the points but does any one else feel guilty?
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yeah i agree - you will feel guitly for it but try not you -

remember its not really a diet it about eating the right portions and points and heath- thats how i look at it!

i started wendy plan this week and i add to eat 28 points in one day - what a nightmare!

try not to feel to bad about things else that might stop you from treating yourself!

little and offen do not hurt! - hope it get better! x
Hi there!

I feel the same way too hun even though I have done WW before. Saying that, I do have reason to feel that way a little cos this weekend I have eaten alot of crap, stuck to the points but not using them wisely. I need to get into the habit of making healthy choices, otherwise, when I get lighter and my points go down I will really struggle.

X Katie
When you are following any slimming plan you cant belive you can have choc or cake when you are slimming I think if you have a few treats it does not make slimming boring
When i did ww along time ago i was not using them all and was having loads left after tea think i was not having enough points early in the day then got alot left over after tea and my tea was not high pointed . Its just getting the right level to be on

Good Luck
I always feel bad when I eat 'naughty' foods, even when I'm still within my points, so I know exactly what you mean.

I had a chinese the other night, it was delicious, I soooo enjoyed it. It was within my points so it was fine to have it, BUT, there was so much there and I enjoyed it so much that I just couldn't believe it was ok to eat! I really felt like I'd cheated!

It probably takes a while to shake off that feeling, but according to the rules of ww, you can eat ANYTHING you like, so long as you're within your points!

There are obviously healthy ways and less healthy ways of doing it (I for example will always reach for a low fat packet of crisps before I'll eat 3 pieces of fruit, lol) but weigh loss wise, anything goes!

You'll soon lose that guilty feeling when the weight starts falling off I'm sure.
Hi dont know what it is but i cant seem to eat all my points I only have 2 and half for breakfast and not many at lunch and then i have alot left over after tea
Dont know how to solve this I think im frightened to eat them all incase i put weight on
I'm really envious of you not being able to use up all your points Bethany! I wish I had that problem - if I did then I wouldn't have ended up needing to follow weight watchers in the first place! Lol
That is very true Stalight! Thanks!

(That is assuming I have actually lost weight this week, lol).
hi all thansk so much for all of your replies, i have been eating mini milks (1/2pt each) and small boxes of raisins (1/2pt box) i have done ww before and never had all of my points, thinking that the less points i had the morw weight i would lose, but unfortunatly it didnt work like that coz i couldnt go no lower than what i was having and started putting weight on. i have as much fruit and veg as poss but feel like a total pig when i sit there and eat chocolate pud and custard, even though it is within my points. does any one know what you need to do when you get to your goal and you want to maintain iyour weight? i dont go to a class and i have never ever got to that stage?
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