Really let myself down!!!


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After a blazing row with my boyfriend, i have come home and devoured a punet of strawberrys and a can of coke zero! Now i feel even worse than i did before i ate them, and feel like i have ruined everying!

last night was agony for me as all i wanted to do is eat, and with help from people on here i got through it and i was so proud of myself... but i have really let myself down!

Will it affect me loads on this weeks weigh in?? I feel so stupid!!!

Ziggy x:(
Okay, so now you've beaten yourself up, just stop and think for a moment. So you ate some strawberries and had a coke zero............WOW just think how much worse that could have been. A little bit of fruit really won't have done that much damage honest.

Think how you felt afterwards and keep that memory with you - great lesson to learn 'cos I bet it doesn't feel half as good as losing weight does. Now draw a line under it - it's done - the important bit is getting back on track and hey I KNOW you can do do this
You haven't ruined everything!! As Demon says,

Think how you felt afterwards and keep that memory with you - great lesson to learn 'cos I bet it doesn't feel half as good as losing weight does.

Step back, recommit and move forward - you can do it :)
You are suffering with "crooked thinking" - this is one of the most valuable lessons I have learnt doing lighter life - crooked thinking is the "god well that is it I have ruined it now" and "I am so annoyed with myself" thinking we all do - I am worst than most at this but learning to understand this has been one of my biggest and best lessons.

In reality you had coke zero and some strawberries. What would you have had if you hadn't been on this diet - several bars of chocolate? a bottle of wine? a few packs of crisps? A chinese takeaway or worse still an indian - with loads of rice and bread?

When you put it into context like that you JUST had some strawberries and a can of zero calorie coke.

The only thing that may affect you is the citric acid in the strawberrys which may knock you out of ketosis for a little but but if you glug tonnes and tonnes of water you will soon be back and over this blip.
Thank you all for your responces everyone!! The tears have been wiped away and im sat with another pint of water! If it wasnt for you guys i would have been munching ingo a massive chinese by now!!

Am i right in thinking that if i do drink alot more water that might help me and dilute/wash some of the things i have eaten?
If this has knocked me out of ketosis, then at what stage would it show in a test?

Don't test for ketosis - the water will help flush through everything, the coke may not have caused too much damage. If you test and you are still in the pink you may feel you 'got away with it' and if you're not in the pink you may suffer more with withdrawal symptoms again. Better to just dust off and keep going, ok? xx
ok then, it is most definately a thing i have learnt from. Only good thing im thinking is that i could have had something much worse and how bad would i have felt then!!!

Im just gonna keep going , and i will just come back on here and get my head together again when i feel like im going to drift off..

Thank you for your help :) xx
Come on hun - you can get back on track.

Dust yourself off and start again.

Hi Everyone!!
Im at work at the moment, Naughty naughty... and all of the skinnies around me are digging into mcdonalds and sweeties that our colleagues brought in from america. Because i dont work with the nicest of people they are doing all they can to put me off and give in.


Nasty nasty people! but apart from the constant temptation of a big mac that is being shoved in my face every 5 minutes then im doing ok. Had my shake this morning and have had 2 pints of water so far. Im not going to let them win, and im not going to give in as i remembered how bad i felt yesturday!

Ziggy xxx
YUCK, you so don't want a big mac. Think of all that horrible grease and the occasional gritty bits and that smell of all that fat!!!!!!!!!!!!YUCK. At least when you go off the rails you do it healthy style, you are better than those office nasties, even if you are a little tinker for being on here at work!! Love
:( Sad today

Hi Everyone,
Still sticking strong after my slip up at the weeked! I have got back on the program very stict! Upped my water intake to 5 litres a day, ate nothing extra and have drank nothing but water. My Ketostix are still only pale pink and i have lost nothing on the scales!

Am really upset, me having that snack over the weekend has really knocked everything out of kilter!
I thought that i would be able to jump straight back into it and continue to loose my weight!

How can i explain this one to my CDC !! im going to be so embarassed!

How long will it take for me to start loosing weight again!??!
Ziggy x

I am a little bit worried that you may not understand what your keptostick is telling you.

If you have pink in your test then you are in ketosis. The darker the pink the more concentrated the ketones (the by product of fat burning) but this doesn't mean that you are burning more fat. If you have enough to drink then your ketones will be more dilute in your wee and you will not have a darker pink reading. If you have not had enough to drink then your test will be dark almost purple.

The ketostix are great for seeing if you are drinking enough and not much cop for anything else IMHO.

You are in ketosis and will remain there unless you eat something that pulls you out of it so don't worry ;)
wooo hoo!!! thank you!! im doing things right then! I just want the scales to move now too.. then that definately will keep me head focused 100%!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you xxxx
Thank you so much! I was mis informed!! Its really cleared it up for me thank you! At least now i know im doing things right, All i need is the scales to move and then i will have my head 100% to where i need to be.

With the sticks not being purple ( silly moo) and the scales not moving it just had me thinking 'whats the point' maybe this diet just wont work for me.

But i have renewed faith!! Thank you again xx
Ziggy have faith. The diet really works I promise ;)

Just stick to it and learn from the experience. You are doing fine so just keep going :D
Hey Ziggy, can I join your boat! I feel the same, I was bad last week and although I have been good since Monday, my sticks still are not pink, I'm drinking 8 pints a day plus green tea and to top it off I got on the scales this evening and it seems I weigh more than I did on Sunday Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Maybe if we lop off an arm each that will bring our weight down!!

Seriously though I had a choc tetra with hot water in a big mug about 2 hours ago and I still feel bloated. I couldn't eat if I wanted to.

Give it time my dear and you will start to loose again. Patience is a virtue as they say!

Let me know how you go