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REALLY need help


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hi guys

I havent been on here for a while, I have been hiding away, eating rubbish getting fat.

I am getting married in may in antigua in front of my family and friends. i am now 15 stone. i got down to 12 stone 4 on LL and it was only a few months back.

I could (and have) cry at how i cant seem to control my eating. i dont know what to do....i went to my meeting monday. i have started each day fine and then end up having something.

i have decided if i am going to succeed at this i need all the help i can get.

i have decided that tomorrow is a new day...i dont want to reck the whole week.

what i need is to give myself a big kick up the arse!! no one else is going to do this for me. i need to find that right frame of mind again. none of my clothes fit, i can 'feel' the flab around my knees and wobbling when i walk, my bras are too tight and i have completely let myself go.

tomorrow is another day, but today im feeling pretty sad. i dont really know what i want from you guys, but if any of you are miracle workers, through some of it my way please.

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i know exactly how u feel.... i did the cambridge diet 2 years ago lost 3stone and put 3 and more back on.. i tried so many times to do it again with no success. I saw a pic of myself on facebook and cried and cried because i couldnt believe how much weight id put on.Plucked up the courage to join ll and its already day 12 with no cheating. Take each day as it comes break it down into 4hour slots and when u want to eat just think its only 1 more hour till my shake ill just wait then paint your nails.Think how much better you will feel not eating. u get a minute satisfaction eating then days of regret keep positive and think thin. good luck you can do it xxx
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I know the feeling... Diets are hard to stick to... What I've taken to doing though is cutting out the "Bikini Bodies" from magazines, and making a few posters, and placing the posters in strategic areas - the fridge, the pantry, the freezer etc.... and when I'm going out I'll take a small bite to eat with me, so every time I go into my handbag, it's there, staring me in the face!! So it's harder to brush past it to go to the purse to buy something naughty... Maybe this could work for you too?
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Hi Melarnz,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so low at the moment.

I'm only on day one of the LL diet and there have been times today (although not hungry at all) I felt the urge to raid the cupboards and realised it was through total boredom. I read somewhere that when you feel like you need to eat, you need to take a step back, think about why you feel the urge and then think into the future about what you're going to feel like after eating it.

I've been as low as 14st 5lbs in the recent years and last January ended up at 19st 8lbs.. I completely understand how much more depressing it is when you've tasted the success and then felt like a complete failure for allowing to put it all back on plus more.

The fact is though that you have tasted success, you know what it feels like and you know that somewhere inside you, you do have the strength. You say on your post that you have disappeared and have been in hiding for a while.. maybe the fact that you're back on here will provide you with some invaluable support - maybe when you are having thoughts about eating more than you should and are feeling low, get yourself on here and write about it and read other people's success stories.

Good luck with it... I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

C xx


is Magdalicious
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I can completely appreciate where you're coming from Hun. Good thing is that whatever you're boing through I can assure you that you're not the only one! I've done LL twice before. First time I lost 4st but never did RTM so the weight creeped back on and I ended up weighing exactly the same as before I started. Then in June last year I had my second attempt and was doing really well. Then I had go leave the UK for a few months so couldn't continue with LL. I thought I can carry on by myself. I was wrong. I ended up trying every fad diet under the sun... and put the weight back on :(
So after a long hard think I decided to do this again. Properly this time.
It is hard I'm not going to lie but LL is by far the best solution for me as it's not only effective but it also helps me deal with my deamons. I'm on my day 11 and everyday I come across smaller or bigger obstacles. I constantly have ho have a fight with myself to stop the urge of eating something. It helps me to sit down and have a talk with myself. Why am I doing LL in the first place? Why is it so important to do this right this time? What have I got to lose and what to gain? It always puts things into perspective. The bottom line I no longer want to be a fat person anymore. It stops me from living my life and I refuse to accept that!
This program is not easy and it requires 100% commitment but it beats the heck out of the alternative (i. e. being fat and desperate).
Besides if we stick to it completely it will only last a few months. A few months! That's nothing compared to all those years of happy healthy life we have ahead of us.
I try to take each day at a time. Thinking too far in advance can be a bit daunting but you know that it does get easier with time.
Think of LL as a gift. A great opportunity to change your life forever. Stick to it Hun, go to your meetings every week, learn, evolve, embrace it!
The only person that stops you from achieving your dreams is you so if you keep telling yourself you can do it and you keep picturing yourself slim, healthy and happy it will happen!
Remember. YOU are the creator of your own universe!

All the best of luck!
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Hello, Melarnz

I don't know what to say other than that I really feel for you. You sound so sad in your post. This is a fabulous thing that you are doing for yourself - it sounds like you WILL succeed, but you need to believe you will.

If it helps at all, about ten years ago I lost a LOT of weight with healthy eating and exercise and felt wonderful. Unfortunately put it all back on again over time so here I am again... bigger than ever... and starting from scratch.

People on here are so lovely and supportive I am sure we will all do this!

You and me are in the same boat!

I lost around 4,5stone the 1st time and have tried again various times but my head wasn't in the right place :break_diet:

I am going back on the 30th of this month (sept) and am determined to crack it this time :cool:

This is the best place to be for encouragement and support :grouphugg:

We're all in this together x


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thanks guys - tomorrow is the day!!!! day 1 of the slimmer me!!
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Hi, Just wanted to say that Im starting this journey with you. I did really well when I first did LL earlier this year. Every Monday I start again on the diet only to have fell off the wagon by Monday afternoon. This has been going on for weeks and weeks now and because each time I think that this is it, I eat for England on anything I can get my hands on!

Good luck xxxx


Likes to change diets...
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Hi Melarnz.

Don't be so hard on yourself!

Wishing you lots of luck on your new journey...you can do it and I bet you will be 12st 4 by Xmas...one day at a time and write a well done note to yourself...yes sounds mad but I have a few times and it has helped me.

Keep posting and reading through post ( prob don't need to tell you that, just trying to be helpful ) and don't look back....stay focused on 'now'

Have a good day:)

( I'm so bossy...ooopps )
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Thanks guys!! I have inspiration back!!

I have surrounded myself with visual reminders and am going to do this!!
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Good luck hun, I'm right there with you! Got down to 10st 2 (fell pregnant though and didn't do RTM) and am now at 16st 9 after having my wee girl, am now on day 3 and am determined to crack it!

I'm always about (stay at home mum with less of a life than I'd like to admit!) so if you ever need a moan just pm me :)

Emma x


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S: 17st12lb C: 17st12lb G: 9st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks emma xxx


Determined to succeed
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Hi Mel. Was wandering where u were. U know you can do this huni. You have done it before. Just take it one meal at a time. You got a taste of how slim feels and you are the only one can get that feeling back again. If you want that feeling back badly enough you will make yourself get through this. Good luck love and dont punish yourself. Let bygones be bygones and treat this as a second chance - a fresh start. Start to live again instead of just existing. I have faith in you. You will do this x x x
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Could of, should of, would of are all negative sentiments. Forget about what you lost, what you gained as that is in the past. Life is full of regrets if we sit and ponder.

Do you remember a time when you had a haircut that didn't suit you? Well this weight gain is a bit like that, it won't last forever!

You are starting afresh from now, forget about the past and concentrate on the future, you can do it. x

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