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Really need help :'(

I found using a blender which can crush ice made a really big difference for me. I also put peppermint tea (cold) in my chocolate and coffee granuals in the vanilla ones. I actually look forward to my shakes now :D
Is it the taste you don't like, or is it more of a thing where it just upsets your stomach?
I think its psychological, as i dont mind the taste too much but after every sip it just comes back up. Do you think using a straw would help? i dont know how to make it any easier to drink :cry:
I think i have seen on this forum somewhere where people use straws it's defo worth a try :)


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Straws definetly help! I can't drink my shakes without one!
Plus it makes you feel like you're drinking a milkshake!

Maybe if you add a bit more water to your shakes to thin it out you might be able to keep it down? Hope you find a way! xx


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Aww Vick, dont get down hun xxx I only like the chocolate ones myself so I live of them. I make them with hot water, and a hand blender so they taste like a frothy hot chocolate x Give it a try cos its worked wonders for me and after a few days they actually taste nice!

Good Luck and let us know how you get on x
I found it hard at first too. Try make it up with 400ml water (you'll need a big mug!) and pop it in the microwave for just over a min. I add a couple of sweetners too and its a really nice hot choc.
Also like already mentioned pop a bottle of water in the freezer an hour before you want to have a shake and it will have started to ice up. I cant drink the shakes without them being icy cold!
Hope you find a way to drink them!!
Thanks for all the words of help, nobody in my family is supporting me so it really helps. I will try the hot choc method, will add more water which may help. Do you HAVE to have all 3 meals a day? I usually only eat 1 or 2 meals a day, and i dont feel hungry. Is there a way to get rid of nausea?


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The problem is i only have the chocolate shakes for this week, so not sure what to do :(
you can always take some shakes back to the chemist and swap them with a different flavour and see if you can keep them down. also like everyone else said water them down. good luck :)


goingtobeslim x
sorry to hear that. why don't you try the strawberry etc. and have a word with the pharmacy maybe they will have some advice to keep them down. x
I was exactly the same the first time I did it, was bein sick the first week!!! Couldnt keep any of the shakes down, and was findin it very difficult to even have one shake aday!!

I started again today and I have been havin them ice cold and blending them, much better!! :) not all great tho I have a major major headache, tired and STARVING!!! :( haha


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hi V, i dont realy like any of them but the way i that i look at it is your not going to be doing this for the rest of your life its for such a short time to get to where you want to be.... they do get better after a few days dont give up ...good luck

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Instead of sitting there trying to force it down, try taking one sip then iron a shirt, have another sip, put the washing in, another sip, then dance around to a silly song ... etc. Less pressure on yourself? ;)
If you don't drink all 3 shakes then the "starvation reflex" kicks in and that makes you nauseous too. Good luck, hun, it does get easier. After a couple of days, you'll be looking forward to them!


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Im on my first day of lipotrim and my body just wont accept it! Everytime i drink some, my body forces it back up so i only managed half :-( I just want to know if anyone can give me some advice, as im not sure i can do this if it wont go down!:cry::cry:
What flavours are you using? For my first week, I had Vanilla and Strawberry, for my second week, I have opted out for Strawberry only. I haven't tried the chocolate flavour yet.
You will get used the flavours soon:D

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