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Really need some help please!!!

Hi everyone!! My name is Fiona and I've done SW for years on and off (more off than on actually). I know how the diet works and I know that if I stick to it it does work. I'm 3.5 stone overweight at the moment and am feeling very down about my weight...I have no decent clothes but when I go shopping and try stuff on I feel I look awful in it and get more and more upset. :cry:
I really need to do something about this but I just can't afford £5 a week to go to class. Would just love to find a few friends here who can help with some moral support on a regular basis. I've got 4 weeks off work and would love to have lost 7lbs by the time I go back. :sigh:
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*waves* hi new friend.. My names fern :)

welcome to minimins,
Everything you need to follow the plan at home is on here.. :) and were always here to help with any Q's. Personally i wouldnt cope without going to group, but can appriciate the £5 a week is still £5 needed else where.. you can do it at home if you have the determination!

- 7lb is easy in 4 weeks..
lets get you started :eek:) xxx


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Would just love to find a few friends here who can help with some moral support on a regular basis. I've got 4 weeks off work and would love to have lost 7lbs by the time I go back. :sigh:
You will find plenty of moral support on here theres always a friendly reply whenever you need it, don't know what I would have done without everyone.

Good luck with your weightloss:D
Hi First78! You've come to the right place if its help and support you need!!! Everyone on here is so warm and friendly and they really pick you up when you're down and share your happiness when you're up!!! You'll get loads of assistance too so go for it and lots of good luck with your mini target - you can do it!!!!! xxxxxx


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You'll find loads of people here to offer moral support, after all we're all in the same boat. You'll feel so much better about yourself now that you've decided to do something about the weight .. and you already know it works so you're a step ahead already.


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Hi Fiona,
Best place to be is on here- its a fab site and everyone is so helpful!
I too am bursting out of my old clothes and sick to death of then- so understand how your feeling- bet its not long until that first half stone goes forever and you can revamp your clothes and fit into ones you've not had out of the wardrobe for ages!!

Good luck and well done for starting. Jx
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Hi First 78, I've just started again too after a year of on/off uncommitted dieting. We can keep each other company!


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HI Fiona

Good luck with your weightloss, can not give too much advice at the moment, only just newish myself.

But what i can say, this lot on here is really really supportive, and friendly. So if you need any advice just shout, and i am sure someone will know the answer.

Goo luck again

Thanks for all the replies, it's great to feel part of a group :) I'm going to plan my menu's for the week tonight and do the weekly shop tomorrow. Would be good to know what other people have as a treat (maybe 5 syns). I like Maryland cookies at the moment...only 44p a pack from Asda.
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mini marshmallows.....28g / 1oz are 4.5 syns and thats LOADS!
Also Alpen light bars choc and fudge 3 syns or 2 bars for a Hex B
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Welcome, welcome :)

You may find the diet has changed considerably since you last did it, so it could be worth your while going to class and paying £10 for the books. If you don't continue going to class, it's worth that one off cost to have current literature, have the introduction to the plan from a consultant who will talk you through it all, and then continue here with the plan without going to class.

There are many people here who don't go to class and there's oodles of information, so you'll be able to find all the support you need.
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I'm quite new too, only been around a couple of days myself but everyone seems to be really lovely and helpful and there is sooooo much information to be found, its like a little gold mine!
There are some lovely recipes online.
Hope you do great hun, I am the same as you, avoid clothes shopping as it makes me feel rubbish, but would LOVE to feel really good in my clothes, instead I'm wearing stuff I've had for ages - which is nice stuff, don't get me wrong, but I just don't feel good in it....

Anyway, good luck on your journey hun

A xx
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Hello you!! I have been the same as you - on and off and on and off and currently back on again!! I am going to the class at the moment but to be honest it is only until I get to target so I can get my shiney target sticker ;-) I find this site absolutely invaluable for information, recepies and most of all support. I have been close to giving up a couple of times but the great girls (and few guys!! ;-)) on here have kept me going.

I agree with what was said above though- ther have been some major changes over the last year so even if you can't afford to go each week it is more than worth investing the £10 to get the new books and have it all explained properly.

Your on the right track now hun - stick in there!!


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I've lost 4 stone with SW in the past, but I've just rejoined after gaining 2 1/2 stone unfortunately. I don't think the plan has changed that much, apart from extra easy, but I find that too restrictive except for occasional use. On extra easy you should only snack on superfree food between meals i.e. fruit and yogurt, and a third of your plate should be superfree veg. I'm mainly doing green days as I feel full on those, with the odd red and extra easy day here and there. I lost 7 pounds in my first week, so it still works! Don't feel down about yourself, once you lose a few pounds your self esteem will go up. Ebay is great for getting 'in between' clothes while you lose weight, and is cheaper than forking out for new ones. Good luck!

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