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Really proud did not give into emotions and stuck to LT!


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Well people do say that good comes out of bad and I think they may be right!

I had a very upsetting phone call from a close relative on Friday when out of the blue they dropped a bombshell on me which left me in a state of disbelief that they could treat me so badly.

The details don't matter but what does matter is that normally I would have thought - right what can I eat as I deserve something and would no doubt have opened a large bottle of wine and drank the lot and probably called for a chinese takeaway.

I am pleased however pleased to report that I did none of this but instead when I had stopped crying, I defiantly made my LT shake and thought no way will I let this destroy my getting slim campaign.

I consider that a real breakthrough and although I am still very upset with my family, I can take some comfort from my strength of will x
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Hi Hun, sorry to hear you had such bad news but Well done for not turning to food for comfort - shows how far you have come, you should be really proud of yourself :D good luck with the rest of your journey xx
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Sorry to hear that but you should be so proud to have stuck to your diet, it shows that your way of life has changed and you don't go straight for the food. Losing weight is OK, keeping it off is what is hard and that means changing the way you have come to think of food and how you use it. To not reach for the snack shows just how great you have done.
x x x


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Sorry to hear of your family troubles and hope that gets better for you.

But honestly so well done for not going straight back to old habits of comfort food .. that is a big achievement to a person on a weight loss journey, you should be proud of the change and for the strength you've used to change. Utterly fabulous you are :) x


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S: 21st5lb C: 17st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 3st9lb(17.06%)
Thanks very much everyone for all the support - much appreciated xx


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Well done hunni!!! You should be proud of your strength..... Well done!!!

you sure your ok??? x


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S: 21st5lb C: 17st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 3st9lb(17.06%)
Thanks Dee and yes I'm fine thanks x
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I am really impressed with u. I just hope I won't cave in as I like u when I get down reach straight for the food! Am really chuffed for u as its a really big achievement. Big well done x
A big well done. You are dealing with emotions in a non food way. You are on your way to a new skinny life for sure.
Hope you are now feeling less sad about the event and very proud of your response to it. xx


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Fanbloodytastic Lorraine :) give yourself a HUGE pat on the back! Why let others derail all your hard work x x x
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Nothing but admiration for you Lorraine, be very proud of yourself.... We can choose our friends but we cant choose our family eh!! :rolleyes: keep your chin held high and smash those emotions into bits xx
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Brilliant!!! well done,

That's the difference in the mindset of TFR.

Other diets that only reduce food intake would have us thinking what the hell its only such or such it won't hurt. Then we'd be off down the slippery slope.

I believe all the hard work you've put in previously came into play when your comfort eating mode was triggered and you wre able to call on the inner strength you've developed (that you maybe didn't realise you had) and found a different way to deal with those sudden and sad emotions.

Well done Lorraine !!!!!!

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