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Really sore tummy.....


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I'm on day 6 and just wondering if anyone else experiences this? My tummy has been so sore the past two days (windy cramps), but just in the evening time. I have mild IBS-D and this seems to have made it slightly worse. I know most people get constipated on this, but I've gone the other way, lol.

Just wondering if anyone had this in the first week and if it will pass??
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maybe its just related to your toilet habit? I know when Im the opposite of constipated I can have some horrid pains too ? As long as its not unbearble id go with the flow, if it gets too much see your doc and let him know the diet your following xx


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Thanks yumymumy, it just seems to be a bad flare up of IBS. It's really awful at the moment and I feel like :cry:pain is terrible.

I wasn't able to even think about having the last shake today. I'm just trying hard to forget about the pain and then go to bed.

I really hope this is a one off as I couldn't put up with a flare up like this every week.


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Hi Minnie-me,
hope you are feeling better now. I also had diarrhea for the first 2 weeks, but these last two it has settled down and for now all is normal. I hope all will be well tomorrow and this is just a small glitch for you. Best of luck.


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Doirin, thanks :)

Unfortunately it got really bad. I was awake most of the night with really bad tummy pains. I think my stomach is inflamed as that's how it feels. It's happened to me once before, all part of the lovely IBS.

I haven't even had diarrhea the past two days, so I think this is just a bowel spasm related to my IBS and the change in my diet (an known trigger for IBS) !

This will probably last most of today too which means I won't be able to have my shakes.

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I have IBS as well, and also had a bout of Diarrhea (sp) do you take anti spasmodic tablets ? I take buscopan for gall stones but they have really helped my IBS as well

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Hi Minnie me, I had this in the first week. Stomach was terrible, cramps (doubled up)really bad hot sweats and pain. I too suffer a little bit with IBS. At first I thought I had caught a bug, but now I think it was probably my change in diet. I only had the one flare up lasted a couple of days hope it helps to know it settled down and I have not had it again.

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