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Really starting to lose it.


Size 14 here i come!
Unfortunately i'm not talking about the weight!:(

I have lost nothing since Mon and even put a pound on today!?:confused:

I am on 2nd totm in 3 weeks:mad: which i'm sure is the reason why i have the extra lb BUT i'm not feeling very reasonable. In fact i feel like a big spoilt child, fed up and grumpy!!

I fell over yesterday and twisted my foot badly, it'd really swollen and i look ridiculous when i walk. It's not broken but it's hard moving around, i have been layed on sofa most of day and have found it VERY hard not to eat and to get my water down:sigh:

I'm not sure how much longer i can go without caving,:cry: i will do my bloody best though. Have even toyed with the idea of switching to atkins for a couple of weeks so i can eat. Has anyone else done atkins?

Anyway better move my backside as my little boy will be home from grandmas in about 10 mins!!

Sorry for the moan!
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I did Atkins a few years ago. I found it a good diet in as much as I lost quite a bit of weight but it does nothing to retrain you about flavours/portion size etc. i'm convinced that's the key - that's why LT "food" is so bland. We need to re-programme our taste buds.
I know you're really going through it right now but PLEASE try hard to stick it out. I'm sure you'll regret it if you give up now, and it will be harder to get back into TFR than stick it out now.

Good luck



Having a mid-life crisis
awww ((hugs)) I so know what you mean! I haven't lost anything since last Thursday.
Been resolute up until now, but been reading yummy recipes on the net!
Keep on with it though, you'll be glad you did



Size 14 here i come!
Thanks happymonday, i am in such a grump, i am sooo bored of not eating but trying really hard.

Jon i thought i had read that you had done atkins before, so you wouldn't recommend for me to change then? If i did would i put weight on or still lose and how long would it take for me to lose a stone on it, roughly?
I am trying my best to stick to LT and see it through, i haven't put a foot wrong so far. BUT i am worried if i get too down i will think,'sod it' and eat like an idoit, all the bad stuff and then feel rubbish!


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It's really up to you. Atkins does work and the food you eat is great (if you're not a veggie). There are far more choices to make on Atkins and it's fairly easy to stick to. Over a period of 9 months I lost about 4 stones and was delighted. The problem was (I think) that I was still eating large portions of food, and artificially feeding my sweet tooth with all sorts of (expensive) bars and sweets. Within a couple of years I'd put it all back on.
If you have the discipline to work on a life long healthy way of eating, Atkins may well help you. I'm ashamed to say I didn't. I just think it's easier to think about the future with food (for me anyway) when I'm not having to face it every day. Thanks to LT I feel as though I don't know what I like or dislike anymore, so it's up to me how I go on when I finish LT. I am determined to take the chance TFR has given me (which Atkins didn't to be honest) and not spend the rest of my life as a fat person.

I really hope you don't make any rash decisions! Promise me you'll REALLY think hard before changing diets. I'm sure you don't want to be a serial "boom and bust" dieter - it's not good for you physically or mentally. Ultimately we all have to do what we've got to do, and it's got to be right for you, but don't let a couple of difficult days throw you off balance.

All the best



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Should have added that I was pretty low in week 3 of LT, and maybe that's happening to you too? I soon perked up, and after 4-5 weeks felt great. :)



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And just noticed that you're half way to goal!!

Come on stinky - you can do it.


Size 14 here i come!
I am in week 4 jon and really need to pick up, i promise i will really think about it before deciding, i have been thinking about it for about a week tbh but won't decide anything while i still have shakes to get through.
I have been reading posts on the Atkins forum and have asked a few questions, so as i know what i'm letting myself in for but i will have to be 100% it's the right thing to do for me before changing over.As of yet i'm not convinced it is but that may change. Also a friend is letting me have her atkins book tomorrow to have a look at, maybe that will help me make up my mind.
I'm pretty sure this far in i was breezing through last time on LT, i seem to be suffering for having an easy ride the first 2 weeks this time. Thanks for your posts jon i appreciate it!


I will be skinny again!!!
Awk Stinky :( :(

Hope your ok.. and what ever you decide to do we will all be here to support you!

Dont forgot i had a gain and in 4 days I lost 4lbs! xxxx


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stinky DONT DO IT you have done so well nearly in your combats lol
you are just on a downer and having a bad day !!! we have all been there, you no its not going to be long and you will be at goal
please think it through xx good luck hun in whatever you decide xxx


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks chelly, i am so confused and grumpy, i need to do something but i will wait till wi day at least.

Happydaystocome, i'm not sure that it is just me having bad day, i wish it were. As i said i have been thinking about it for over a week really, i'm just in such a bad mood all the time.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Just a thought..you say you hurt your ankle....so I guess is has swollen up, so you could be retaining fluids. I am no doctor, but I wonder if your body has somehow gone into a protective mode ?????

Sorry to hear you are really struggling and I can understand if you feel you cant get about and what do we usually do! Reach for the food as an excuse to make us feel a wee bit better. It will do, for a bit, but in a week or so you will regret it and then start thinking how much weight you could have lost if you had stuck it out.

Atkins, well, I havent done it, but looked into low carb diets after LT last time because of my fear of carbs. I got a book called Low Carb..and I tried, oh I tried, but I struggled..I struggled eating meat constantly and just the whole fat content attitude I really couldnt stomach at all. I understood the whole theory, but I just didnt think it was for me! It really screwed my brain up big style to the point where I am still a little scared of carbs.

Listen, rather than going right off the boil, why dont you do 2 shakes and one meal of say chicken/fish and salad....nothing too much. this MIGHT just help you a little whilst you feel so low.

I know I should be saying GO FOR IT!! And hope that is what you do, but not sure if you remember last week when I struggled and my pharmacist agreed that if I did struggle to do 2 shakes and one meal and that safety net got me through....guess what, I didnt eat, because I got through it. More often than not it all in your head!

As Jon says, dont do anything rash and you say you will wait till WI day..have a good chat with your pharmacist. You may find that in a day or so you will be back to your normal self.

We are all here for you and sometimes actually getting your thoughts down and analysing them and getting others to comment helps!

Thinking of you and do hope your leg recovers very quickly. Keep thinking of your dream and why you decided to go on LT...you must have been pretty fed up with you to start it as it is such a hard diet...try and recapture that feeling.

Anyway, less of me,,,take care sweetie. Thinking of you.


5 stone to go!
hey sweetie
sorry i only just saw his now..
you poor poor thing how is your ankle now??
you know your strengths and you know you can do this, hopefully after this week your mood will change a bit. as for the weight please dont worry, remember chelly was up a pound and then down a whole lot more! try not to let it get to you.
the food wont be worth it, you know this already, it wont taste good and youll feel guilty afterwards, but if you think atkins is best for you then you know whats best. we know you wont just take the easy route lol.
i hope its just the annoyance with the ankle thats getting you down and that when it mends youll be back on top form.
you know you can do this, its only for a little while longer, your nearly there. dont be too hasty with your decision because once you eat you know its hard to get back on again,,,,
basically im just rambling on about stuff that you already know, but i just hope you can get back on track. look it, your already on week 4! thats practically a month!!!... *hugs* x


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Are you sure you havent broken anything??

Any swelling will mean increased fluid in your body. Elevate your ankle, above the level of your heart, this should considerably reudce the swelling at a quicker rate. (TV, remote controland mobi by your side. Pillows under ankle!!!)

I'd say stick with it, wait for the swelling to go down (xray if you are in anyway unsure!!) and try and relax..... do you have any fav tv progs on box set?

I shouldnt really be offering LT advice as Im totally astray at the mo.. :-((


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Hi just read your post - hope today is a better day for you - thought about you a lot, because "feelings" are something we all share especially on the journey we are all on right now. It sounds like your body is the cause of how you feel right now. Feelings are like the weather - totally unpredictable - if you make choices based on feelings they are usually regretted later. May I suggest you try to love yourself a bit more, accept how you "feel" as a temporary thing. You are free to choose anytime to come of the regime, but do it knowing that there wll be consequences which you just might regret. When I thought about how I would feel in your place I knew that I would find it almost impossible to do this diet again - so I choose to stick with it (I've done the Atkins - for me, not good)
Be encouraged- folk here care about you - but you must care most of all. Good luck!


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Wow - annes - you're absolutely right. As far as I can see there are 4 aspects to weight loss and for it to be truly successful all 4 need to be done properly and fully. The first is to really WANT to do it. It's no good wanting ti for someone else, or feeling it ought to be done. The second is losing the weight (the easiest bit IMHO), the third is sorting out your head (the bit most people ignore, and therefore keep failing) and the fourth is sorting out a manageable health eating plan for life (the bit most of us never get to).
I think most diets ignore 2 or 3 of those stages and that's why they don't work. LT makes stage 2 easy, and helps with stage 4 because of the de-programming of our food likes/dislikes. Stage 1 and 3 need more thinking about.....



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awww stinky, sorry to hear about how your feeling at the moment :( i dont really have anything to say to you other than what everyone else as been saying, but i do really hope you feel much better soon no matter which diet you decide to do, you know yourself and your body better than anyone and im sure you will do whats best for yourself, hope that ankle gets better soon sweetie xx


Size 14 here i come!
Wow, what can i say apart from thanks to everyone for your support. I wish i could say i'm back on top but it wouldn't be true.
I have decided that Atkins probably isn't for me but i am still unsure wether i can stay on LT.
I am doing the best i can and i haven't eaten anything but it really is 1 day at a time. My foot is alot better but still swollen and i have to walk very carefully. The water has gone down a bit easier today thanks to the Buxton 1lt bottles, they are quite brilliant.

Anyway just wanted to say i am still hanging on in there and i will do my best to keep you lot on track, keeps my mind off me!!