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Really starting to worry about first weigh in

S: 29st13lb C: 19st12lb Loss: 10st1lb(33.65%)
Hi, I started the sw plan at home in April and had been doing really well then the last few weeks my weight stayed the same and I decided that it was time to pluck up the courage and join class.

Well this week is my first weigh in and i'm getting myself so worked up and I really don't want to talk myself out of going back. I am worried that I will have stayed the same again and everyone will be thinking that I should have a big loss seeing as they think it is my first week on plan. My confidence is growing the more weight I am managing to loss but I still worry about what other people must be thinking all the time!

I was just wondering if anyone else was worried about their first weigh in ?
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Go for it! my hubby gained .5lb in his first week (we did go away that weekend LOL!) Have you told your cons that you have already lost a large amount by following the plan at home?

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YES! I will admot before joining SW last week I was unhealtily NOT eating for a few weeks beforehand (I just ate hard boiled eggs) needless to say it worked at first but after a while I stopped losing.
As this is the 1st week I've actually been eating healithy, as in eating actual food, I am worried I will put on in my 1st week too!
S: 14st12.5lb C: 14st0lb G: 9st13.5lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st12.5lb(6%)
I was intimidated by everyone making big losses. My first week done now 2lbs down, but it felt a bit of an anticlimax compared to others at 5 - 8lb loss. Keep chipping a way. Slowly slowly catches the monkey.....
S: 29st13lb C: 19st12lb Loss: 10st1lb(33.65%)
Thanks for the replies, I feel much better knowing it's not just me that feels this way at the start. I did tell my consultant that I had been doing it at home and had lost some already. I guess it's just a case of plucking up the courage and hoping for some loss and asking for help if I haven't, that is what I joined for after all !
S: 12st12lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 1st8lb(12.22%)
I still get nervous before WI. In my first week I 'only' lost a pound but went on to lose 4lbs in my second week. So keep with it, you never I know - our bodies are unpredictable things. Hope you get a good loss on your first weigh in. Keep us updated. X
Firstly, dont worry!

No-one will think any the worse of you if you sts or even gain in your first week - you are still adjusting to being officially back on plan, and if you did for some reason, which isnt likely, it is probably purely down to the fact that you hadnt been eating well beforehand and your body is a bit confused.

People who have been eating as they were before who go on to SW and make massive changes to what they are eating ARE more likely to be the people that get the mahoosive looking losses, but the key to SW is not what the scales say on the first week, but the fact that it is a plan you can stick to long term and lose substantially and well by doing so.

Look beyond this first WI and visualise yourself as your happier, less terrified and slimmer self and let that person take you to WI, because they are the person you are working, and walking towards.

You know yourself, not going to group can make it way too easy to fall off the wagon and play at it - so its vital that you push yourself through this mental barrier, drop the fear, its only there because you let it be, and do this.

Good luck for WI, we are all here rooting for you and looking forward to you reporting back later!!
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No-one will care, or think badly of you. They all have good weeks, bad weeks, incomprehensible weeks . . . they have all been there, done that.

Think about it - are you going to go to class and sit there unkindly judging everyone else? No, of course not. And nor are they.

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