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    I am really really struggling to keep motivated now I have started exercising. I am a measly 3 pounds away from goal. just 3 pounds! Last week I was 2 pounds from goal but I managed to put a pound on this week. Three weeks ago my doctor suggested (ordered) me to start moving more and to take up pilates or she would not refer me for physio therapy. So I joined a gym and I am now in week three of 30 - 45 mins in the gym followed by 30 mins swimming three times a week and when my back will let me an hour long pilates class once a week. I am getting small muscles now which I know are heavier than fat but I just want to hit the goal weight! My main problem now is hunger. I am so hungry all the time. I am so bad I cannot sleep well the night after gym as I am so hungry. I eat my 26 points and I am hungry. I am eating extra zero point fruits and I am hungry. I even have to admit to buying food subconciously I don't even remember deciding to going into the shop and buying the mars bar but I did (and it tasted soo good!)

    I am aware of activity points but my group leader says not to eat them as they will make me gain weight and are difficult to work out accurately. I was asking about this in last weeks exercise topic meeting. I was asking now on earth a pilates class can be more activity points than 45 mins in the gym but just got told each activity is different.

    Anyway any tips on how to stay junk free while exercising? (Before I only ate my 26 points and maybe around 10 of the weekly points - anything more and I stayed the same or gained. Oh and I did not get on well with the new zero points food scheme either!) Does your body just get used to working the 26 points harder?
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  3. bugsbunny2000

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    Hi there well done on your losses so far and being so close to your goal!

    Have you been using your weekly points??

    I too found that when I was doing WW first time and going to the gym that the weight didn't come off as quickly as without the gym - however I am at the same weight I was when I reached goal, but feel I looked and felt better and more toned the first time rather than now!!

    Have you taken measurements?
    Is there a chance you can change your goal? (I was meant to get to 9st 7 but then when I was a few 1lbs away my leader let me go to 9st 11 as it was still within my healthy weight/BMI and that I could keep losing without paying (kind of backwards but very kind of her!!) If you can then those 3lbs won't matter as much BUT you could still follow the plan without worrying as much, knowing that you are still eating healthily and toning up without the stress!!

    As for the hunger.... You need to have more points I guess. Make sure you're drinking LOTS of water as dehydration can sometimes get confused with hunger. Try a low cal protein shake?? I have one for 3pp and then skimmed milk so it's around 4-5pp for the whole thing, but keeps me fuller for longer.

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  4. gracie83

    gracie83 Member

    Thanks for replying. I try not to eat my weekly points as I tended to not loose any weight if I used them but I am eating more of them now our of pure necessity! I can feel that I am changing shape but stupidly I did not take any measurements!

    My group leader said the same as your about goal ie get to normal BMI and then keep going for free. The goal I have is 2 pounds into the normal BMI so I cannot play with it anymore! It is just so frustrating that the weight has stopped going down! Weighed myself this morning (I keep a log of the weights on my own scales as well) and have stayed the same.

    I have tried to drink more water but still really hungry. I learnt a painful lesson about dehydration at the gym the other day. I thought I was hydrated but after getting light headed and dizzy after just 20 mins on a elliptical trainer and needing to gulp down my whole bottle of water plus a refill is telling me that I really am not drinking enough!

    There must be a point where it settles down and the weight starting coming off again?!

  5. Leighthesim

    Leighthesim Full Member

    Could be water retention, it's unlikely to actually be a build in muscles,
    Try eating your weeklys?? As your body is probably not liking a sudden uplift in the amount of calories you are burning but not a lot extra consumed,
    also if it's close to women week that won't help either :)
    stick to the exercise try eating your weeklies (in a healthy way though, I don't mean munching a bag of chocolate snacks) and your hard work will show soon :)

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