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Really struggling this week

Hey everyone!

I'm away on a training course this week, and really having trouble with temptation. The subject matter has been boring so far, which doesn't help, but we also have a full hour for lunch, which I'm having to spend wandering around London trying to occupy myself. The smells from the various restaurants etc are so enticing!

So far I've managed to stay in control, but it's driving me nuts. It's strange, I've been so good, never cheated, but then I haven't felt such a strong desire to before either. Last weekend I had friends round and was perfectly happy to stick to shakes while they ate takeaways. Maybe this is just because I'm out of my comfort zone, or maybe it's because I'm getting so close to target, I don't really know. What I do know is it's taking every ounce of strength I've got to stay on track.

Does anyone have any magic coping strategies that might come in handy here? I keep telling myself that it'd be a shame to risk falling off the wagon now. But I'm worried that I may have reached my limit.
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Hi, i know it must be difficult for you but hey you are so close to your goal and you have lost 40lbs !! That is amazing. If you leave go of the reins now you will regret it and in my experience of dieting all 37 years of it, it never tastes as good as you think it will, which justs adds to the dissapointment of giving in. Do a bit of window shopping and see if you can find that special " I got to goal dress " You have done amazing keep it up. I am only just starting my lighterlife journey and i aspire to be like you, good luck Lorraine
Thanks Lorraine - I do agree that it never tastes as good as you think it will. I've hit that snag many a time in my previous attempts at dieting.

I think I can do this. I might eat something at lunchtime on the last day (something sensible) just because the journey home is going to make it awkward to have food packs. Or go against the LL rule of only one bar per day. That may be better.


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I would have 2 bars that day if that would be better for you hun.

I did that a couple of times on my journey and I was fine!!

Just makes things easier sometimes!

Your so close to goal now,you've done fantastic!:)
Sexy xx
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Hi U :)

SOrry you are struggling.

Try and look at challenges as good things - getting through each one is another nail driven in, making your success and long lasting success more and more likely.

It would be silly to cave in now. S-I-L-L-Y!!! :D

Be strong - you have probably been through bigger challenges then this - but because you are nearing your goal maybe it feels magnified.

Stick to it - you KNOW youwill be glad you did.

It's just food - it's just temporary - and besides- while all the take aways may smell good, they are just full of rubbish that will make you feel awful.

Hang tough buddy - you CAN do it. :)

Thanks BL - you're dead right of course. I've had bigger challenges even in the last couple of weeks than this, I think I just let the boredom and isolation get to me a bit more than usual today.

If I can sit while my friends eat takeaways and bacon sandwiches, and not be tempted to join them, then I'm sure I can handle a few days in a hotel. :) I'll probably still have two bars on the last day, but that's better than food.

Thanks for your support, everyone!
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Well done!! 2 bars is deffo better then food. I do two bars if I am abstaining and flying to California - just easoier to deal with on the plane and on the road....made no diference to the diet at all.

Good on ya U! :)

I take two bars every day as it's easier fir me iv done it for roughly 5 months and now I'm on RTM I'm still taking 2 every day iv never had any of the side effects that they warn u about but as the bars are dearer to make maybe that's the reason they don't want ppl taking two it's only a thought
Hi all,

Well, I made it through that week ok in the end. Having two bars on the last day was an enormous help.

This week on the other hand, things are not so easy. It's milk week, and I think I'm slipping in and out of ketosis. I'm feeling hungry a lot of the time, most notably when I've just had one of my shakes.

I'm only a week away from when I'd planned to start RTM, but I wonder if I might have to put it off a bit longer as I'm still almost a stone overweight. Already the crooked thoughts are starting to creep in. I'm doing my best to fight them, but today I've just had my fourth foodpack and it's not even seven o'clock yet.

I only need to get through the next 24 hours till milk week is over, that's the only thing keeping me sane right now.
Hi Ulysses
I'm sorry you are finding milk week tough. I have to say I chose not to do milk week because I was scared it would disrupt my routine.
Try and get your mind back on track for next week.
You are doing so well, another week or two - it's not long.
Good luck.:)
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Hi Ulysses,
Have you got the ketosticks? if you think you are going out of ketosis and that is causing hunger? I've done 3 days of lite now and I haven't come out of ketosis yet so maybe it isn't 'real' hunger?
Could it be that it is getting harder because the end is in sight? I really worry that I will find it hardest when I get to the last stone.
You are doing so well, stick with it. If you had all your packs by seven pm how about having a cup of broth later if you want something else? It really helps me as it feels like I'm having another 'meal'. You are almost there...
Thanks ladies... I'm just fighting the good fight, counting down the hours till I'm finished.

I haven't bothered getting ketosticks or broth mix. For me there was no point in the former as it would only make me obsess about it, and the latter... well, I just didn't think of. :) I've consoled myself with a coffee though, and am doing a bit better now it's been a couple of hours since my last pack.

Weigh day tomorrow - I don't think I'll have lost anything this week, but hopefully I'll have a pretty big drop next week to make up for it. Then I'd feel better about starting to come off it.

Not sure this is the best subforum to ask this in, but how far from target would most people like to be before they start RTM?
Well... Just goes to show how wrong I can be. I lost 3.9 lbs this week despite coming out of ketosis (confirmed at weigh-in this morning). Thanks for your support everyone, I may not have made it through the week without your encouragement.

I'm so close to target now that I've decided to revise it. I think I'll need to lose another 5-7 lbs on top of my original estimate, but I'm going to do it slowly by switching to Lite for a few weeks before doing RTM. That way I shouldn't overshoot the target. I'm only on Total now for seven more days... exciting!! :)
Good for you - well done with sticking it out and having a plan.
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"
And you obviously plan to succeed. Not long to go now.

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