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REALLY struggling

Hi Everyone, I am new to Slimming World and although at my 1st weigh in I had lost 4lbs I am REALLY finding it difficult as I am not a great lover of many fruit and Veg. Before I joined I used to eat junk, junk and more junk and have thought right to do this i need to cut it out totally! I am also struggling with meals time and am stuck on jacket potatoes and beans as cant think of anything else!!!!

I am still a little confused with the whole process of the Red and Green days too, so as many tips would be great!!

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Do you have the books? If you're struggling to get going properly you may find the new Extra Easy Plan is just the thing. All food on red and green is free all day (ie you can have jacket spud and tuna, chilli and rice etc) but only 1 HexB and 1 HexA per day and you take any syn values at their lowest.
The thing with SW is that it doesn't really lend itself to ready meals very easily - its more a back to basics cook from scratch kind of thing but if you go on the recipe sticky at the top of the page there's loads of stuff that's easy and quick to make. The trick is to keep it varied so you don't get fed up and jack it in.
Keep it up - it'll be worth it.
That is what I am worried about, that I am getting bored after only 2 weeks as I just dont know what to eat!!! LOL

I have got the Free Foods book coming next week!

Oh Extra Easy sounds good, may give that a go, as I am only having one Healthy A and B at the moment!


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4lb loss is great!

What sort of stuff do you like to eat? I know you said junk, but what junk was it you ate? I used to live on takeaways: curries, burger and chips, fish and chips, nanados.

On SW I can still eat all of these things, every meal time if need be. I just need to adapt them to fit the SW plan.

Burgers would be homemade with SW chips. I'll have fish without the batter and again make SW chips. I'll make my own curry or use sauce from a jar and syn it. I have chicken breasts with a pitta (syned) and have nando peri peri sauce and syn it.

There's also chillis, stews, soups, pastas... sooo many dishes.

The possibilities really are endless. I do love fruit but not too keen on many veg but I do try to fit some in where I can, but I don't let it dictate the way my meals are.

Give us an idea of what you like to eat and I'm sure everyone will be able to give you some ideas.

Good luck x x
Fea's right - find the things you like to eat and then just look at preparing them differently.

I add loads of veg to things like chilli, spag bol or lasagne to bulk them up and cram some more of my five a day into each plateful. same goes for savoury rice sachets or pasta and sauce packets - add loads of extra veg while it's cooking.

Homemade burgers always go down well too, and they taste a whole lot better than ones from fast food chains.
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A full English breakfast is a good one ona red day.

Poach eggs or scramble using a bit of quark, I do bacon, syn free sausages and mushrooms sprayed with frylight in the oven then I can do loads and have some left over for another meal. :D

Good luck.


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Don't give up on yourself. Poor eating habits is what led you to need to diet in the first place. You need to get your head round the idea that you are re-training yourself to eat, changing your tastes. Just because you never liked fruit and veg before, doesn't mean that if you challenge your preconceptions and try things, or try them in different ways to before, that you can't learn to love them. Sometimes it's the walls we build in our heads that is our biggest challenge to covercome. Remember you're doing this for yourself, and your fitter, healthier future. And you are worth it, so don't give up!

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Loosing weight isnt going to happen over night (sadly!) and will need to take a lot of change from you...well I say change I mean adapting.
As the others have said, you can still have your favourites, but adapt them to the SW way. Have a look at the recipe and diary sheets on here to give you some ideas too.
It isnt going to be easy, but try to push the word "diet" out of your head, as everyone fails on a diet, but they will succeed at a healthier way of living.
I wouldnt worry too much about the fruit and veg at the moment. My Hubby refuses to eat "rabbit" food and still managed to alter his habits on the SW plan...eventually he began to eat them if they were cooked with spices or hidden in meals.

Good luck with your journey.
Hi Everyone,

Thank you all, for your advice! I love to eat Chinese Curry, crisps, chocolate, and KFC!!!!!!!!

I am really craving the chocolate more than anything!

Made some SW chips last night, they were ok!!

Think I will look into recipes for spicy foods as i do like my curry!!

Thank you all again!
from what u say your eaten before u started sw.............u didn't do a whole lot of home cooking.....you need to learn heathly eating..fruit, veg, fish low fat meat....u will never lose weight unless u are in the right frame of mind.........the reason you need to lose is because of the bad diet u had........u may just amaze yaself and get to like fuit and veg.i know i have..........make a skinny cow hot choc drink 2 syns..........that really helps with the choc attack.....make soup blend it...then u can't see the veg and it really fills u up....goodluck cos we have all been in your shoes thats why we are here.......
just been thinkin of chocky things u can have that are very low syned...
choc mousse....
i tub of total fat free greek yohurt
choc options, highlights or skinny cow...
melt geletine and leave to cool
mix sweetner and greek yogurt till it tastes sweet..then put 2 heaped teaspoons of hot choc drink .........
then whisk in the geletine till its all mixed...
this amount makes two portions each is 1 syn......as long as u use 1 satchet or 2 heaped teaspoons if out of a jar......of the choc drink
M&S count on us chocolate mousse's are really nice and about 4 sins - well worth it as they're nice and chocolately. And the new muller lights with chocolate bits in seem to take the edge off of a chocolate craving.

Here's a couple of very simple recipe suggestions.

Spicy breaded chicken (or mushrooms)

Use a HEB portion of bread and make into breadcrumbs (easiest using a blender). Add some cajun or peri-peri seasoning to the breadcrumbs and mix through. dip the chicken to be breaded into a beaten egg and then coat with the breadcrumbs. Bake in the oven until cooked through - Loverly and very simple!

Prawn Curry:

Add some grated ginger and chopped garlic to a hot wok, add some sliced mushrooms and onions and a tin of chopped tomatoes to the wok and then stir through some curry seasoning. when the vegetables are cooked, add some prawns and heat through. once cooked, take off the heat and then stir through some plain fat free yoghurt until creamy. (if you prefer chicken or another meat, add it at the same stage as the garlic and ginger).
Hi girls

Just thought I would stop by to let you know, I lost a further 3.5lb at tonights weigh in, so must be doing something right, in total now 7.5lb in 2 weeks!!!!! :)


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well done hun!
makes all the suffering worth it lol
just keep trying something new, and you will be bound to find some new favourites, promise you!


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Congratualtions on the latest loss. It could get difficult if you are eating the same food over and over again.
Do you usually cook at all?
Personally I'm a fan of things I can cook in under 30 minutes or preferably under 20 mins! It's good to have repetoire of meals you can cook - I've heard other people losing weight mentioning having a kist of 25 recipies they know they like and can pluck one from, knowing its value.

To go with a jacket potato:
low fat cottage cheese?
low fat soft cheese with chives or herbs mixed in.
You could add a piece of meat.
Salmon microwaved (on a medium heat) for 10 mins or so in lemon juice (ina covered dish)
Chicken, tuna steak, other fish pieces etc.
Other easy foods: spagehetti bolognese, quorn/meat, stir fired veg and noodles, sweet and sour chicken etc.
You'll find some SW recipies for curry and rice is free on green or easy extra.
Roast meals can have a lot of free foods in them
Morrisons eat smart sausages with baked beans, tomato, bacon etc.
Couscous and veg
pasta with chopped up veg and passata (or use syns for some shop-bought sauce)

My SW consultant mentioned Quorn shephard/cottage pie ready meals 3.5 syns - they might make a good freezer fall back.

There are some curries which is possible to have within syn limits e.g. veggie jalfrezzi, rice and a chapati. How about treating yourself sometimes?

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