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Really want to do it this time!

Hello, I'm new to minimins but no stranger to meal replacement diets :sigh: I've been on lighterlife twice and the results were amazing but I started to find excuses to stop going and give up. I've put on two and a half stone and I feel so horrible and frumpy. So I'm trying again with CD because the flavours are so much better.

I want to do this. Before I was doing it for all the wrong reasons but now I've sat down and re-assessed everything. I need to do it because quite frankly fat is not pretty at all. I've become the person I was before. Not wanting to go out, just wanting to stay at home all the time, becoming mean, bitter and to be honest - jealous at slimmer friends who look good in their little new look and oasis outfits while the evans trousers that were far to big for me now dig into my stomach:cry:

Please help me. I want to lose 77lbs.
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Queen of the Damned
Hello and welcome to Minimins :wavey: Just wanted to wish you luck on your new journey - post often, set yourself up a diary, and looking forward to watching you drop the lbs once and for all :clap:
il come along and give you a boot up the backside as long as you give me a boot back . !!! i also have to get myself back on track, i have been meesing around for the last 3 months, had i stayed focus i would be at goal now , but ho hum .... after xmas back on it and shift this last stone or two if i am brave enough to go that far. i have a goal of getting to healthy bmi of 25 by the middle to end of jan before my hysterectomy .... so im with you all the way .... lets have a slim summer !!!


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
hi chik, welcome to minimins :)
post lots and post often, the people here are amazing

i love reading old posts and diarys of those whove got there ( and those who are on their journey )
stick with it and you'll be in those oasis clothes with your friends too
It sounds like you've really got your head in the right place this time. We'll all be rooting for you! Make sure you check in on Minimins often - it's great for keeping motivated!


Queen of the Damned
You have to have a higher post count before you can have a signature so get posting!! :cool:
Hello (LL lurker here). Once you've done more posting, click on somebody else's ticker, and it'll take you to the site where you can make your own.

I really wish you every success this time, and I'm glad you are doing it now for good reasons because it seems to make a huge difference. The one person in my group who struggled was, we found out later, doing it because her mother and OH were nagging her and generally making her feel terrible. So as well as the abstinence she was struggling with huge feelings of resentment and anger against them (and who can blame her?). That's too much for anyone. So congratulations on making the decision!

One LL question: did you go through Route to Management? I'm asking because I did a VLCD years ago, but never went through any reintroduction to food and very quickly gained all the weight back. I'm hoping that RtM will help me reprogramme my eating so I'll be more controlled this time.


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Hey hun, your story sounds very similar to mine except I haven't tried LL but I've tried and failed on CD several times. I also will have about the same amount to lose as you. I start on the 2nd Jan until I'm at goal. We will do this - 2008 is our year. This time next year - we'll be still choosing what to wear tomorrow as we'll have sooo many options. Good luck and I look forward to journeying with you in 2008 Vx
Hiya everyone, thanks for the replies. Really appreciate them. Christmas I knew I was going to eat but I just ate low carb. I'm now back on the wagon. Not sure if it's because I want to or if it's cos I feel so low I just dont want to eat anyway. Eitherway I'm going with it!


Queen of the Damned
That's the spirit - go with it, and ride that as far as it will take you :hug99:

im about to restart the diet SS..god help me! i know this diet works as i've had success with it before..i must admit though the thought of drinking all that water makes me wretch..any advice??? I need to lose 7 stones so would love to have a partner in crime to start with who can join me on this LONGGG and SCARYYYY path!!
dibzzy :p

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