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Really worried about.....


I've completely lost any desire to have sex.
Feel so sorry for hubby at the moment, I just go on about the diet ALL THE TIME,eg how much weight do you think I've lost this week, what I'm going to eat when I come off the diet etc, etc.

And now he can't even get his leg over, sorry to be crude:eek:

What I'd like to know is does any one else feel like this and does the desire return?

The only sausage that would get me going at the moment is a hotdog, cumberland or even a chipolata:cry:
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Says it as it is!!!
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Doesnt affcet me :cry: but i have read on another thread that some people lost their sex drive at first...but after a wee while it returned.

You could always help him out in other ways ...not full sex hun :rolleyes:
Ive tons of sex drive, but no one to do it with. Anyhow got to stop talking about sex so dont get me started. xxxlol
You can borrow my hubby for 2 weeks 'til I refeed:eek:
Dear Gawd!:eek:

No Garry, I will buy you a hot apple pie.......


Don't eat it though!;)
Nice, but im ok thanks, lol:D:D
Glad to hear that, Gaz!

I know times are hard......but no!:D
Anyhow your only gay if you push back:D:D:D:D x


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Hi Nic, I'm on week 5 by the way. I know but everything feels like a big effort at the mo!
Selfish cow aren't I ???
Not at all hunni...tbh i would love to , but then again i have been deprived for soooo long... you'll be fine once your energy returns
Or you could purchase a pair of slendertone shorts haha when you are up past 50 you get a funny fimbling tingeling feeling ;) maybe that would help lol yet, another reason to buy slendtertone...not just for the fantastic inch loss powers hahahaha
Liek you say everything is an effort even sitting up is at the min....tell him to read up on tantric sex lol and he will reap the beneifits when you are slim xx


Regular Member
I've never lost my sex drive. I think hubby wouldn't mind if I did....give him a break:eek:


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
hahahahahahahahahahahah go sharon, go sharon xx
Lol i enjoyed reading that guys, dirty bunch! If im honest i would have sex at any opportunity lol maybe it dipped a little in first few weeks of LT..maybe xxx
You've all got me really worried now , it must just be me.
Wasn't like this before I started LT, thought I would be rampant now with losing 24lbs, body confidence and all that, but all I fantasize about is food
oh well, when I'M eating again urges might return God I hope so


too hot to handle!!
like you said your pre occupied with the diet,,try not to worry about it too much,,i agree with nicki on the slendertone shorts,,they give ou a funny sensation in funny places,,lol
Once you've lost the weight and feel really confident with your body you'll probably be at it all the time! think of all the sexy undie's you will look fab in. Also, according to sexpert Tracey Cox, sometimes it's good to have sex even when you are not in the mood as it can boost your sex drive and once you start you get into it! xx

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