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Really would like some help


One last chance
I dunno if I asked before but I need some help with the whole free foods thing and 'piling' plates with food that you are allowed to have and stuff.

Now on green days we're allowed all the veg we can have, and we are also allowed unlimited amounts of rice etc. I'm still in doubt that I can maintain or lose weight by doing this. Reading up on the programme again made me want to do slimming world again after I have finished a total food replacement diet.

I'm on Lipotrim you see and I don't know how eating as much food as I want such as rice and pasta can get me to lose weight. And on red days we can eat as much meat and chicken etc, how is it possible to lose weight if you're eating a lot? and even if the weight does come off would I get the same result as everyone else even though I was on a TFR diet?
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I've never done TFR but I do know some people experience a small gain in their first week on SW. After that, you're just the same as everyone else!

As for the 'piling your plates', this works because the food they let you eat unlimited amounts of is lower calorie (per gram) and more filling that things like chocolate or crisps! Don't worry about eating lots - that's the whole point (and some have problems losing if they don't eat enough on the plan).

Overall, you need to be confident in SW and believe that it'll work - otherwise, you're probably wasting your time!

Hope that helps a bit...


Bring it on!
You will probably gain a little or STS in the first couple of weeks but that's your body getting used to eating again. There are a fair few people who have done TFR who now do SW, and they have continued to lose. If you look through the threads some people have been having trouble because they are eating for the sake of eating, you need to follow the principle of eat till you're full (which for you probably won't be as much as you think now you've lost), or when you're hungry and you'll be fine.
Oh just noticed you're in the "normal" BMI range and close to your target so you will probably find TFR or not your weight loss is slow, but that's to be expected when you've done so much great work already!Good luck.
As paperclip has said, it's the types of food you're eating that still allows you to lose weight - usually high water content, low fat etc. that allows you to eat loads.

However, what I will say is that for better losses you eat to your appetite. That means not just eating 'unlimited' amounts of food until you're ready to explode. Yes, there are times when you're going to want to eat so much rice that it's coming out of your ears...and you can! But the rest of the time...eat sensibly. Stop when you're full. Experiment with how much is enough to satisfy your personal appetite.

The idea is eating til you are satisfied :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You dont have to force yourself to eat a piled plate either Huni. You eat what you can do that you dont feel hungry anymore - not stuffed and bloated.
As the others have said, you may gain in the first week or two - I did when I came off Cambridge, but as long as you expect it, you will loose it again.
i know how you feel hun i've only started SW as last couple of weeks and i'm amazed at how much you can eat but it obviously works. It's still something i'm coming to terms with myself.


One last chance
Thank you everyone, I did TFR and started calorie counting, but I felt so restricted that I ended up binging and gaining a stone again. I'm back on TFR and will be finished in about 12 days or so. I'm on Lipotrim you see, and I would love to hear the experiences of anyone that hase been on Lipotrim or any other TFR diet.

Lol I love the whole rice coming out of my ears LMAO!!! so funny.

Sounds really good! :).
Oh don't worry, I wont be able to eat as much as I used to. I mean, when coming off LT, at dinner I got so full on 4oz of chicken, 4oz rice and a bowl of salad :), that's what I love about LT.
Yasmine, can I just say that your such an inspiration! I cant believe how well you have done, your looking fab!

I eat loads (althought i do admit i do still *somehow* get hungry a lot of the time) and i'm still loosing weigh! Ive just eaten a bowl of pasta in sauce packet stuff and i could go for another right now, good job im at work though lol.


One last chance
Thank you so much sarah :), I just find it so hard to beleive that you can eat and go back for more and still lose weight!!

I read the booklet properly, before I didn't and I couldn't beleive it. So all free foods are completely ok to have? no weighing, no calorie counting?
It takes SO much getting used to...but nope. If it's free food then there's no weighing, measuring or calorie counting.

You do if it's Healthy Extras and Syns, so you don't completely eradicate the counting...but it's drastically reduced and you feel much more 'normal'!
No that's the good thing with SW you don't know need to weigh things with the exeption of your healthy "a" and healthy "b" food and you don't need to eat calories either


One last chance
Wowza, sounds good :).

It would be so nice to be able to eat 'normally' you know. Before I had to bring my own food to places and when it came to eating out, I never did.


One last chance
What about fruit like mangoes and bananas? these two especially I would love to know since they seem to high in calories than most other fruits.

Are they free on green days?
Fruit is superfree. that means it's free every day, but as we have said eat to your appetite. SW encourages you to eat a variety of foods and with the Healthy Extras, and Syns it's pretty much like being normal. How much more are you hoping to lose when you finish LT?


One last chance
Oh yay!!!! I bloody love my fruit! LMAO

Well so far, I'm 10st 10lbs, I want to get down to 10st 0lbs, slightly lower wouldn't be so bad either, for if I gain anything on holiday, it won't be so bad :)